Monday, July 19, 2010

More Scenes From Dahilayan Adventure Park

This is the third post about my Dahilayan Adventure Park experience.

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Dahilayan Adventure Park, located in Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon is the perfect destination for those who are seeking outdoor adventures. The park's main attraction is its 840-meter zipzone which is considered as Asia's longest dual zipline. Other activities to be enjoyed in Dahilayan include horseback riding, ATV, zorbit, ropes course and wall climbing.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is also a haven for nature lovers. Here, one can relax and savor the fresh breeze and cool weather amidst the serene scene of lush greenery and pine trees of Dahilayan mountains.

So after experiencing the the thrill of zipline rides, we stayed a little longer, enjoyed the scenery and, of course, took more pictures!
This well-maintained loan is located outside the welcome signage of Dahilayan Adventure Park. The road leads to a garden and a mini-forest:  
Flowers in full bloom

Dahilayan's weather is generally cool all day. As you can see in these photos, the park is foggy though it is already high noon:
Ain't it foggy in Dahilayan?
The misty Forest Park of Dahilayan. 
Inside the forest park are wooden tables and chairs, making it an ideal picnic place:
More Dahilayan Adventure Park photos:

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  1. The photos you have are very great, never seen anything like this before to other bloggers who also posting for Dahilyan A. Park. Keep it up!

    Cagayan de Oro News

  2. Been here. Very nice place in Bukidnon.

  3. For everybody who came here already, how much are the rates for the rides? Is it still the same from their website? also, is dahilayan gardens and resort just near dahilayan adventure park?


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