Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Name, New Look and (Hopefully) More Adventures

  (Surviving Asia's Longest Dual Zipline  in Dahilayan Adventure Park)

I decided to rename this blog to Suroy Pilipinas (A Philippine Travel Blog) to make it more personal. I have been thinking that the site's old name Philippine Travel Blog is way too generic and it would just get drown in an ocean of Philippine travel blogs out there. I chose the Cebuano term "Suroy", which could mean a stroll or a leisure walk, for two reasons:

(1) I was born in Bohol, grew up and presently living in Bukidnon. "Cebuano" or "Bisaya" is my native tongue so the word "Suroy" would give this blog a local flavor.

(2) "Suroy" (or "suroy-suroy" as we often used it) or travelling is a passion I discovered only lately. My limited time and resources may restrict my itinerary to nearby places (usually within Mindanao and Visayas) but it is always my dream to explore the best that our country's 7,107 islands have to offer.

Along with changing the blog's name, I also decided to change its template to give it a fresh new look.

Lastly, I fervently hope that I could travel more and continue to discover more interesting faces and places in the Philippines. I wish I could finally visit my dream destinations and set foot on undiscovered territories. 

There are plenty of reasons why some of us would love to travel. According to the article 30 Songs That Capture The Spirit of Travel: "Often we journey in search of something–ourselves, love, adventure, understanding, the place we belong. Sometimes we go simply because we can’t stand to stay where we are or because of an almost desperate urge for movement. And in some cases, there is no reason. We travel simply because we are travelers". 

Life, indeed, is a trip.


  1. that's a good move bai and do enjoy more travels. hope to meet you soon in one of the places around the country. ayo ayo and thanx for dropping by my blog :)

  2. @estan: wow! it was an honor for me that a multiawarded blogger and photographer dropped by and leave a comment on my humble blog. salamat kaayo bai! nanghinaot pud ko nga magkatagbo ta pohon!ayo-ayo sa kanunay higala!


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