Friday, September 3, 2010

The Wishing Island of Samal

Wishing Island is one of the many islets that surround Davao's Samal Island. It is a part of the Kaputian District. A favorite picnic site, this rock islet is adorned with mangrove and surrounded by clear blue waters and rich growth of corals.

The Wishing Island may be just an islet, but apparently it has its own share of stories to tell. According to

"Wishing Island is revered by island residents as an “enchanted island”. It can only be seen and explored during low tides. It is a favorite picnic venue during weekends. It is littered with mangroves and surrounded by clear blue waters. However, once in the island, one should behave, observe silence, and should we watchful. Visitors are advised to pack and leave immediately especially when high tide commences.

There was one incident when a group of backpackers went partying in the island. Some got drunk and became rowdy. To the backpackers’ surprise, a storm happened in a hot mid day sending them panicking to flee the island. Unfortunately, no one was able to leave the island. All were drowned in its shallow waters.

During the two times that we went island hopping in Davao with my office mates, the Wishing Island was always the last stop in our itinerary before sailing back to Sta. Ana Wharf. On our first visit, the boat stopped a few meters away from the islet and we all dove, swam and snorkeled to our hearts delight. On our second island hopping, we just passed by Wishing Island since it is already high tide in late afternoon.

Picture taken as our boat approaches the Wishing Island.

A closer shot of the Wishing Island.

At the other side of the islet are these two slides.


  1. Thanks for the information..I was looking for the information as my brother soon visiting there and I was gathering information for him..I have also heard that the sand over there is of white color is it true? Can you suggest the way of visiting this island when he reach the davao city?

  2. Yup, there are lots of white beaches in Samal Island. You can go to Sasa Wharf in Davao City. From there, Samal Island can be reached in less than 30 minutes by boat.

  3. magkano po bah ang pamasahe papunta dd2..


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