Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Long Journey from Bukidnon to Davao Oriental (Part 1)

To celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary, my wife and I decided to be a little adventurous by going to some place we have never been to. After giving it much thought, we agreed to go to Mati, Davao Oriental to check Dahican Beach, a seven kilometer white sand beach that faces the Pacific Ocean. Since Dahican is one of my dream destinations featured in my older post (CLICK HERE), I was so excited for this trip. The plan was to leave Malaybalay City at noon, spend one night in Davao City then leave for Mati at dawn the following day.

Day 1 (October 27, 2010): Malaybalay City, Bukidnon to Davao City
The aircon RTMI bus left the Malaybalay City Bus Terminal at 1:30 PM. The distance from Malaybalay to Davao is 206 kilometer and the aircon bus fare is P360.00 per person. We passed by Valencia City, Maramag, Quezon, Kitaotao (all parts of Bukidnon), then some areas that belonged to Cotabato province before finally entering Davao District. It was raining so hard that I wasn't able to take clear photos behind the bus window. However, the skies began to clear as we passed along the Davao District. I was able to take snapshots of these cool houses perched above the hills on the road side:

Casa Rote
 JV's Peak
The bus stopped over this eatery in Marahan, where the bus driver, conductor and some passengers had their coffee and cigarette break. I bought a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 which costs 15 pesos.

 Bade's Eatery, the bus stop-over place in Marahan, Davao City

After about 20 minutes of rest, we continued with our journey. The coffee seems to have a reverse effect on me as I started to feel sleepy. Or maybe my head just got dizzy from trying to take photos while the bus is moving. It was already getting dark when we arrived in Davao City proper. The bus made a stop in SM Davao but my wife and I disembarked at the Ecoland Bus Terminal so that we can inquire about the schedule of buses bound for Mati.

We arrived in the Ecoland Terminal after five hours of travel. It was a good thing that on the bus stop outside the terminal there is a huge board where all the schedules of buses going to various destinations are posted. From there, we learned that the first trip of deluxe (non-aircon) bus going to Mati is at 2 AM while first trip for aircon bus is at 4 AM. After confirming the schedule with the terminal's security guard and a porter, we hailed a taxi and went to SM Mall.

At SM, our good friend who is a bank legal officer, treated us to a dinner at Antonio's Grill. We feasted on Pinaputok na Manok (roasted chicken wrapped in banana leaves) and Deep-Fried Hito (catfish). It was a good thing that service is fast. I was so hungry that I consumed two and a half servings of rice!

Antonio's Grill in SM Davao 

Fresh pineapple and buko juices 

Antonio's Grill specialty: Pinaputok na Manok 

 My favorite dish: Deep Fried Hito (Catfish)

After dinner we went to Sezzions beside the World Palace in Acacia St., and capped the night with a bucket of San Mig Light.

Sezzions--consumable charge of P100.00 per person; San Mig Light at P50.00 each 

The World Palace along Acacia St.

Since it was already 10 PM and we planned to leave Davao at 4 AM the next day, my wife and I checked in at Queensland, a "short-time" hotel that charges on hourly rates. It is ocated not too far from the Ecoland Terminal and we were able to save on our accommodation budget since the rate is only 365 pesos for 5 hours. We hardly got that number of hours in sleep, though.

(Next Post: The Journey from Davao City to Mati, Davao Oriental)



  1. i miss traveling the cdo - dvo via buda route! haven't done this in years :)

  2. @estan: the mountain scenery and the cold weather are what i love in this route.

  3. I love the foods, they really looks delicious like the foods in Cagayan de Oro. And i love the place, it really looks cold.

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