Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Colors of Sunrise in Dahican Beach (Mati, Davao Oriental)

October 29, 2010 was our last day in Mati, Davao, Oriental and I woke up early at 5:00 am. With my camera on hand, I stepped outside our room and into the concrete pathway that leads to the beach. Stepping on the white sands and staring at the wide horizon of the Pacific Ocean, I savor the breeze and tranquility of Dahican Beach. It was low tide and everything was quiet and peaceful.

I walked outside the Botona Resort's boundary and into the southern portion of the the beach. This is an undeveloped area of Dahican and with some rocks exposed by the low tide, I figured out this could be the best place to shoot the sunrise.

I started clicking as the sun slowly peeks out of the horizon. It was such an amazing sight as the colors of the skies started changing hues, like a piece of artwork in progress.

 The sun coloring the skies as it peeks into the horizon.

Fishermen sailing early for the freshest catch.
It has been said that each sunrise or sunset is unique, so every time you see one consider it as your own special gift from up above. I looked around and noticed no one else but me taking snapshots of this extremely wonderful scenery. It was such a privilege because on this early morning in Dahican, I was gifted with a masterpiece from the Greatest of all Artists.

 The breathtaking view of sunrise in Dahican Beach.

Morning has broken in Dahican. 

The undeveloped but ruggedly beautiful portion of Dahican Beach.

Getting There:
Dahican Beach is a 7-kilometer white sand beach that faces the Pacific Ocean. It is located in Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental. Mati is the capital town of Davao Oriental and is 165 kilometers away from Davao City. It can be reached by aircon and non-aircon buses, van-for-hire and private vehicles. Travel time from the Ecoland Terminal of Davao City is about 4-5 hours. Bus fare for the aircon bus is 250.00 per person.

Once in Poblacion, Mati, Dahican Beach can be reach by pedicab and motorcycles (habal-habal). It is about 20-30 minutes ride from the Poblacion, passing through rough roads amidst a vast coconut plantation.

For more information about Dahican Beach, CLICK HERE.

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  1. wow! i never thought there are different colors of sunrise.. how bout sunset? these aren't edited, right? :)


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