Monday, November 22, 2010

Gin Blossoms Live In Waterfront Cebu

Being a huge fan of 80s and 90s rock, I flew to Cebu City last weekend (November 20, 2010) together with my wife to watch Gin Blossoms live at the Waterfront Hotel. With their catchy alternative rock sound and well-written, bitter sweet lyrics, Gin Blossoms was one of the most influential bands during my college years. Despite producing only two albums (New Miserable Experience and Congratulations I'm Sorry) during that era, Gin Blossoms songs are among the most significant soundtrack of my college memories, that's why I made sure I will not miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance of seeing them perform live.

The Gin Blossoms Live in Cebu billboard. 

The concert venue--Waterfront Hotel along Salinas St., Lahug, Cebu City

 The still empty venue before the start of the concert.

Together with my college classmate and fellow rock & roll fan, Doel Pacana and his wife Tina, we trooped to the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City as early as 5 PM (the show is scheduled to start at 8 PM). Though the seat location for our 600 pesos concert tickets (the cheapest!) was at the balcony section, it offered us a great vantage point of the stage below. And the venue in Waterfront Cebu is not really that huge so we were not too far from where the action is.

Awesome show of lights at the stage.

It took some time for the venue to be substantially filled up but the show promptly started at around 8 PM with a local band from Cebu City playing as the first opening act. Fahrenheit 43, an Australian pop rock band with some Fil-Aussie members, followed next. Probably the biggest surprise of the night (surprise because it was not mentioned in the promotional posters and advertisements) was the third front act which was actually Sandwich, one of the most popular rock bands in the Filipino music scene today. Fronted by former Eraserheads' drummer Raymund Marasigan, Sandwich rocked the crowd with three songs including "Betamax" and "Sugod".

 A local band from Cebu performed as the first front act.

Fahrenheit 43, an Australian pop rock band, was the second front act.

The third and final front act of the night--Sandwich!!!

Finally at 9 PM, Gin Blossoms took the stage amidst the huge cheers of the audience. For two solid hours, they played their old and new songs in front of the appreciative crowd. Most applauded of course was their classic hits such as "Follow You Down", "Til I Hear It From You", "As Long As It Matters", "Until I Fall Away", "Allison Road", "Found Out About You" and "Hey Jealousy". Gin Blossoms members obviously look older now but their music, just like fine wine, simply goes better with age. And we sure had a good time singing along to the songs which never fail to bring back memories of the years gone by. 

The lull before the Gin Blossoms show.

And finally Gin Blossoms live in Cebu!!!
 First song was "Follow You Down".

And more Gin Blossoms classics and new songs followed....

Having a good time...Doel & Tina Pacana (top) and Me & my wife Malou (bottom)

DSLR cameras are prohibited inside the Waterfront-Cebu concert venue (there were actually some DSLRs that were confiscated) so I have to settle for my compact digicam in taking these photos.


  1. Marami bang nanood? Senator Migs was there man din and even had a photo taken with the guys :)


  2. @mindanaoan: yes, the venue was already full by the time gin blossoms took the stage. had a good time reminiscing good old 90s songs. we saw Senator Migs and his wife at the Mactan Airport, the following day on our way back to CDO.

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  4. Accidentally, I thought that it is the article about my favourite band Blossoms. I've clicked at link so quickly and didn't realize at first that it is not the same band.


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