Monday, November 1, 2010

The Long Journey from Bukidnon to Davao Oriental (Part 2)

 The red arrows indicate our travel route from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon to Mati, Davao Oriental

Day 2 (October 28, 2010)-Davao City to Mati, Davao Oriental

My wife and I woke up at 3 AM (courtesy of my cellphone alarm), fixed our Stuff and rode a taxi going to Ecoland Bus Terminal. The yellow airconditioned Bachelor Express  departed at exactly 4 am even with just a few passengers on board. Distance from Davao City to Mati, Davao Oriental is 165 kilometers and bus fare is Php 250.00. Since there was no traffic, the bus easily breezed through the diversion road, occasionally stopping at bus stops to pick up passengers.
A snapshot of Panabo Bus Terminal
About 45 minutes later, we were already at the Panabo City bus terminal. Panabo is part of Davao del Norte and it is in this place where we had our on-the-job training 12 years ago, when I was still in college. This is the first time I passed by Panabo again and I could see that it is now a progressive city with more bigger establishments. I could not recall anymore the road that leads to Evergreen Farm, a banana plantation owned by the Lapanday company, where we stayed for one-and-a-half month during our OJT. A short distance from Panabo is the town of Carmen. I remember that during our practicum in Panabo, our friends took us to this town to play basketball in a gymnasium.

Tagum City Bus Terminal
After Carmen is Tagum City where the bus made a long stop-over. Tagum is one of the fastest growing cities in Mindanao and has become a bustling center of culture, commerce, health services and entertainment.  

The lack of sleep from previous night finally took its toll on me. I drifted away to dream land as the bus was leaving Tagum City. I woke up in Banaybanay which is already a part of Davao Oriental. Looking at the EZ Map i bought at SM the previous day, I learned that while I was sleeping, the bus passed by the towns of Maco, Mabini and Pantukan. These three towns are municipalities of the Compostela Valley Province. After Banaybanay is the town of Lupon, portion of San Isidro then finally Mati.

 The dizzying zigzag highway of Barangay Badas

Passing through the zigzag road of Barangay Badas, we were greeted by the awesome sight of The Sleeping Dinosaur Island. The island got its name from its shape which strikingly looks like a dinosaur sleeping on its belly. It can be seen from the highway of Badas. There is actually a viewing deck situated beside the highway for tourists to have a clear view of this uniquely-shaped island. Buses will not stop at the viewing area though, so I have to take this shot behind the glass window:

 The Sleeping Dinosaur Island

Four hours after leaving the Ecoland Terminal of Davao City, we arrived at the Mati Integrated Public Terminal:

The bus terminal of Mati

There are plenty of pedicabs outside the terminal.

Pedicabs are the main transportation when going around the Poblacion and it can also be hired to take visitors to some tourist spots. While we were about to exit the terminal, a pedicab driver approaches us and offered to take us to Botona Dahican Beach Resort (where we booked our accommodation) for Php 150.00. Since my wife and I have no idea on how much is the real "pakyaw" rate going to the place, we just accepted his offer. He looks kinda friendly anyway (hehehe).

Mati is the capital of Davao Oriental. It was proclaimed as a component city on June 2007. Mati, however, lost its cityhood along with 15 other cities around the Philippines just this year. The Supreme Court ruled that the said cities did not meet the requirements for cityhood.

A snapshot of Mati Poblacion taken while riding the pedicab.
Passing by Mati proper, I observed that Mati is a fairly  progressive town. There are plenty of commercial establishments such as banks, hotels and restaurants. We dropped by Jollibee, ordered take-out breakfast then proceeded to Barangay Dahican. From the city proper, Dahican Beach is about 25-30 minutes pedicab ride. It is not a smooth ride actually since only the main highway is paved. The road going to the beach is rough and dusty, passing through a vast coconut plantation.

Finally we arrived at the Botona Dahican Beach Resort. It is interesting to note that I discovered this resort through its facebook group page. In the resort, the in-charge told us that since check out time is 12 noon and their staff have to clean the room, our accommodation won't be available until 1 PM. She told us to just take our time at the beach.

So we walked along the resort's concrete pathway that lead to the beachfront. As I stepped into the sands, the breathtaking site simply awed me. My wife and I traveled more than 371 kilometers from Bukidnon just to celebrate our wedding anniversary in this place. The moment I set my sight on Dahican's long stretch of white sand beach that faces the Pacific Ocean, I knew the long journey was well worth it.

 The awesome view of Dahican Beach which soothed my weary soul after two long days of travel.
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  1. congrats pala sa wedding anniversary bai :)

  2. @estan:thanks bai! i was glad we spent that special day in this place.

  3. nice shot on the dinosaur island even from a moving bus...

    1. its very nice f u see it in personal...

  4. @kate: thanks kat!gi-increase lang nako ang shutter speed then continous shooting mode.daghan shots na blurred ky paspas ang dagan sa bus.kani ra ang medyo klaro. thanks again for visiting my blog.

  5. so nice... soon i will visit botona dahican beach resort.. because i know na on how to get there.. hehe tnx for the info..


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