Monday, December 6, 2010

3 of the Many Things I Love About Cebu

As a bustling Queen City of the South, there are plenty of things to love about Cebu. Modern malls for shopping, vibrant night life for entertainment, great beaches up north, spectacular dive sites down south and historical and religious sites and landmarks.

I have been to Cebu lately and I would like to add these three things to my growing list on what I love about this place:

1. Brian's Ribs at Casa Verde

I have read a lot about Casa Verde and their best selling Brian's Ribs from other bloggers. Fortunately, my couple friends took us to their branch located in The Walk, IT Park, Lahug (the two other branches are near Velez College and in Ayala Mall). We went there so that we can eat just before watching the Gin Blossoms Concert at the Waterfront Hotel. Of course, I ordered the Brian's Ribs. When our order came, I was really surprised because the baked baby back ribs was HUGE! It was also very tasty with its sweet, tangy piquet sauce. Served with rice and buttered corn and carrots bits, the dish was indeed more than worth its Php 195.00 price.

 The Brian's Ribs of Casa Verde.
2. Danggit

Cebu's Danggit is my favorite ever since i first tasted it. This salty dried fish is best dipped in vinegar and paired with rice. Also known as Rabbit fish in English, danggit is a favorite "pasalubong" from Cebu, just like otap and dried mangos.

I've read that the best place to buy danggit is at the Tabo-an Market. But since we don't have much time, we just bought it at the pasalubong section of SM Department Store. In SM, the danggit are priced higher than those sold at the market but it was already vacuum-packed in a plastic bag for easy handling.

3. Metered Taxi at the airport

If you want a cheaper transportation from the Mactan Cebu International Airport, then you can opt for the metered taxi to take you to your destination since fixed rate taxi fare is often 2-3 times higher. What's good at the Mactan Airport is that there directions pointing to where the metered taxis are waiting. Just follow the arrow going up to the stairs that lead to the road outside the airport. And if you want an even cheaper transportation, there are actually passenger multicabs passing by the airport road.

This is so unlike the airport in Cagayan de Oro City where rude taxi drivers will insist on the fixed rate fare and you really don't have a choice because there are no other modes of transportation to choose from. 


  1. These tips are great for people who are going to Cebu! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. @claire: you're welcome claire! and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hahahah mao gyud...I agree with the taxi drivers thing. Have you tried paying na the "standard" P300 fare from the bus stop at Lapasan, CDO to Lumbia? I super hate that talaga

  4. @mindanaoan: yeah, those rude CDO taxi drivers in the airport told us about that standard fare from Lumbia Airport to Agora Bus Terminal....we didn't agree until someone lowered the "standard" fare to 200.00. It's really disgusting! I hope CDO authorities will do something about this because I am sure this would affect tourism in their place.

  5. Those are among the top things I love about my hometown as well. Oh Brian's ribs, i'm drooling. Gutom nako da!

    Looking forward to more things in this series...

  6. good thing there were four of us when we went to CDO. we shared the ridiculous "standard" fare...

    i really love the ribs at casa verde, superb!

    yes tabo-an has danggit, but bantayan has more than that! they have dried pusit, dried danggit, and whatever dried you can think of. hehehe..

  7. @solesisters: i'm going back to cebu this january and i'll make sure that my stomach will be filled with brian's ribs again! salamat sa pag-bisita sa akong blog.

  8. @fetus: you're right, "ridiculous" is the appropriate term for that so-called "standard" fare...i have been to Bantayan four years ago and I really love the place. wish I could go back again someday.

  9. What I love about Cebu..

    Larsian Fuente's barbeque and puso kanin

    Pasalubong you can buy at Cebu such as danggit

    And the place, malinis at pwede kang maglakad kahit gabi

    Would like to visit their beaches too pero naubusan ng oras ..

  10. @muffie: i hope i can check out larsian the next i visit cebu.

  11. earl, if ever u and ur wife come back here, let me know, i'll treat u to casa verde. :)

    1. Sure mam! That would be great. Thanks in advance! : )

  12. wow cebu that would be a great place. i really really love cebu, and the Brian's Ribs of Casa Verde looks so yummy.


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