Saturday, December 18, 2010

Glimpses of Wao, Lanao del Sur

Wao is a municipality located in the southeastern tip of the Province of Lanao del Sur. It is separated by Maradugao River from the neighboring Province of Bukidnon. On its southern boundary is the town of Banisilan, which already a part of Cotabato.

Wao is a relatively safe place compared to other areas of Lanao del Sur. In this town, Muslim and Christian residents live in harmony with each other. I have been to Wao a number of times this year since it is part of my work's area of coverage. The municipality, comprised of 26 barangays, has a population 35,517 people in 6,505 households, according to the 2000 census.

 This marker greets you upon entering the town proper of Wao.

The road going to Wao from Bukidnon is well-paved, passing through vast area of corn and sugarcane fields. Lately, a private company also ventured into pineapple production.

The town plaza

 These statues built across the plaza depict the friendship between Christians and Muslims in Wao, Lanao del Sur.

Tricycle is the main mode of transportation when going around the town of Wao.

The town proper of Wao is fairly progressive. There are some commercial establishments, public and private schools, a few lodging houses and fastfood eatery and a commercial bank. Market Day ("tabo") is held every Thursday and during this day, fresh produce of farmers from various barangays can be bought at cheaper prices.   

 Land Bank of the Philippines is the only bank that operates in Wao. It has an ATM machine for the clients' banking convenience.

Fronting Landbank is Maika Penion House, one of the few lodging houses in Wao.

A mini-tree park in front of Wao Municipal Hall.

The Immaculate Conception Church.

Students walking to and from the school.

Getting there:

Cagayan de Oro-to-Wao RTMI buses leave the Agora Bus Terminal every hour. You may also ride the bus going to Banisilan (Cotabato) as it will pass by Wao, Lanao del Sur. Travel time from Cagayan de Oro City to Wao is 6-7 hours.    


  1. is there a hotel, inn, or resort in Wao where one can stay overnight?

  2. yes, maika pension house (picture above) is fronting Landbank-Wao Branch.

  3. may kariyala festivals ba ngayong feb 2011? thanks

  4. hi earl, would you know the contact no of maika pension house? i searched the net and can't seem to find it. will be visiting wao this weekend. :)

  5. pasyal kau wao.. bk8 thursday and tabu??? eh wednesday naman.. mali

  6. I'm so proud to be born in Wao..hehehe..rhanks for this website..I can visit wao eventhough I'm here in U.S..

  7. ..,,proPAganda lang yan..maNiwaLa ka..hmhmh

  8. kamusta na ang wao?


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