Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Passing by Colon Street and Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

After the "grueling" 5-kilometer run in the 2011 Cebu Marathon, my couple friends Jong and Haru agreed to take me to a heritage tour down South Cebu. But we'll have to go first to their home in Minglanilla so that we could freshen up and eat some breakfast. So after more picture taking at the IT Park, we passed by NS Royal Pension to pick up my backpack.  

We then passed along Colon Street and made a stop on the side so that I could take photos of the obelisk built on the street's northern end. 

The obelisk in Colon Street

A busy and crowded street in downtown Cebu, Colon is known to be the oldest street in the Philippines. It was built during the time of the Spanish colonization and was named after Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus). 

Tagalog and English versions of Colon Street's history at the base of the obelisk.

From Colon, we made a right turn to P. Burgos St. and made another brief stop in front of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

Facade of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is the ecclesiastical seat of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cebu. From the outside, I observed that the church's architecture is very much similar to other Spanish colonial churches in the country.

Situated next to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is the The Cathedral Museum of Cebu

Due to time constraint, I wasn't able to enter the museum but according to some info I gathered from the web, the museum displays Church architectures and artifacts mostly from the Spanis colonial times.

 A child mixing melted candle wax outside the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

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  1. minghapit diay ka'g IT Park? naa ra ko's kilid nagpuyo sa IT park hehehe...

  2. Natuwa din ako maglakad dyan sa Colon St. during our DIY Cebu walking tour, oldest street in the Philippines, you would think so many events had taken place in this area

  3. @fetus: yeah, nag-carbo loading mi ug san mig light didto, the afternoon before the marathon...hehehe.

  4. @lakwatsera: i wish i could do a photo walk in colon and shoot the old buildings there.but i'm having second thoughts because i heard there are lots of snatchers roaming along the street.

  5. ang totoo, d ko pa na-explore ang Cebu. kakahiya ako! haha but I will soon, at titira ako sa kumbento kase my uncle is a priest there somewhere.

  6. @pinaysolobackpacker: ako, wala pang na-explore sa luzon.puro visayas at mindanao pa lang.hehehe. : )

  7. sayang I didn't took pictures of colon street when I was there ilang beses ko yan dinaanan kasi naligaw ako papuntang Magellans Cross hehee

  8. You have given all the magnificent details regarding the colon street. As I have also passes through these streets. And these are very nice. Any one can enjoy there.

  9. i've been to cebu once. nice place. a bit as busy as Manila but not as polluted? :)


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