Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guimaras Part 1: From Ortiz Port to Jordan, Trappist Monastery and Lawi Bay

Jordan Port in Guimaras

We arrived in Iloilo City on a Saturday morning, after a two-hour land travel from Belison, Antique. We then went to SM City and deposited our belongings at the Travelers Lounge. Another taxi ride took us to Ortiz Port, the jump off point to our next destination: the island Province of Guimaras.

 A view of Ortiz Port in Iloilo City

A motorcycle being loaded to the boat.

Ortiz Port is located near the University of Iloilo. From here, boat fare going to Jordan Port in Guimaras is only 13.00 pesos. After paying for our tickets at the ticket booth, we boarded the motorized pumpboat which has a capacity of 50 persons, more or less.

 Sailing to Guimaras

Travel time from Iloilo to Guimaras is only about 15 minutes. While on board the boat, a co-passenger noticed me and my wife talking in Bisaya and he asked us if we're from Mindanao and if it is our first time to visit Guimaras. He then told us that he lives near the port of Jordan and that he owns two tricycles which can take us to our preferred destinations in Guimaras. When we arrived in Jordan Port, one of his tricycle drivers is already there waiting for passengers.

At the port, we first went to the Tourism Office where we registered our names. We were then given a tourist map so that we can choose what are the places we want to visit in Guimaras. Since we will be in the island for only a few hours that day, I told the tricycle driver that we're only going to check out Guisi Lighthouse and the beaches in Alubijod then we will go back to Jordan Port. We agreed on the price of Php 800.00 for the round trip.

 Guimaras Highway

I observed that Guimaras is a very quaint province. The highway road is well-paved but except for some motorcycles and tricycles, we met only a few vehicles along the way.

Before proceeding to Guisi Lighthouse, Reggie, the tricylce driver first took us to the Trappist Monastery. Located in San Miguel, Jordan, it is considered as the only Trappist Monastery in the Philippines run by the order of Cistersians of the Strict Observance.

 The Trappist Monastery in Guimaras

 Markers outside the church:

Also inside the Trappist compound is a souvenir shop:

Because there are lots of customers lining up to pay in the cashier, we decided not to buy anything and just proceed with our trip.

Passing along the highway of Ravina, Reggie made another stop so that we can take photos of this breathtaking view of Lawi Bay:

 Lawi Bay---what a sight!

Useful Travel Tips:
1. Ortiz Port is located in Ortiz St., Iloilo City, at the the back of the University Of Iloilo.
2. Boat fare from Ortiz Port to Jordan (pronounced as "Hordan") Guimaras is 13 pesos and travel time is only 15 minutes.
3. Upon reaching Jordan Port, you have to register at the Tourism Office and you will be given a map for your guide to Guimaras destinations.
4. There are plenty of tricyle drivers at the port and you can negotiate how much is their rate when going to particular destinations.
5. The tricycle driver will also serve as your guide as they are familiar with other attractions you will pass by along the way to your chosen destination.
6. You may contact Jerib, the man we met on board the boat going to Guimaras. He owns two tricycles which you can hire to take you to your preferred destinations. I'm posting his number here as my sign of gratitude for his assistance: 09281588385.
7. On the places that we visited, only Smart cellphones have signal and is weak at some spots. 
8. Ilongo is the primary dialect spoken in Guimaras. If you don't know how to speak the language, you may talk to the locals in Filipino/Tagalog. 

Next Post: Exploring the Guisi Lighthouse


  1. nice one earl. keep on suroy.:-).

  2. sobrang miss na miss ko na ang Guimaras grabe! Awesome photos, bigla kong naalala yung route ko going to Nueva Valencia!

  3. @pinoy boy:sayang nga at ilang oras lang kami dyan sa Guimaras. I wanted to explore more!

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