Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maradiona Beach in Belison, Antique

Maradiona is a barangay of Belison, a 5th class municipality in the Province of Antique.  It is more or less two hours of land travel from Iloilo City. The place happens to be the hometown of my mother-in-law and last week we went there for a family get-together.

Our relatives' houses are walking distance to the beach, so the morning after we arrived, we went for a swim in the place simply called "Baybay".

The wonderful gray-sand beach of Maradiona stretches as far as the eyes can see. It is a clean, public beach with a wide, sandy shores that face the Sulu Sea.

While my wife and my in-laws enjoyed swimming amidst the strong waves, I got busy taking photos of the beach. After taking more than enough snapshots, I went swimming just before we eat our breakfast.

Later in the afternoon, we went back to the beach again. I decided to run a few hundred meters, just to know how it feels to run barefoot in the sands. It did feel great, with the wind blowing in my face and the waves lapping up the sands that I stepped on.

I then experimented in using my camera's slow shutter speed in shooting the waves:

I took more photos as the sun started to descend, revealing the beauty of Antique's sunset:

We went for another swim and thoroughly enjoyed the waves crashing on our bodies. After getting tired, we headed back home just as it was about to get dark. It was indeed a great day spent in the beautiful beach of Maradiona.   

Location Map of Belison, Antique:

(image from wikipedia)


  1. ala--bat ganun.bat naman naging charcoal ang kulay ng beach? hahaha

  2. Gusto ko makapunta dito. onti lang tao at hindi white beach. Gusto ko ng ibang kulay na beach naman. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  3. Ang baybay ay sand din sa dialect namin, at yung black sand din kinalakhan ko, akala ko lahat ng sand black kaya paradise talaga ang Boracay sa akin, nice place Earl, reminds me of home :)

  4. Hey Cool! Ganda. I love your pictures!

  5. nice family gathering earl. at the same time exploring the western visayas....

  6. @pinay travel junkie: yeah, we had so much fun. ang saya talaga!
    @pusang kalye: nakakasawa na din kasi ang white sand.hehehe.
    @lakas ng trip: you're welcome. i love undeveloped and uncrowded beaches. yung parang you own the whole beach at hindi maingay.
    @lakwatsera: thanks claire."baybay" is a commonly used term for beaches in Visayas and Mindanao. I agree with you and this place made me realized that black sand beaches are as beautiful as the white ones.

  7. @lakwatsero: thanks for liking the pics and for visiting my blog! we passed by miag-ao church which you featured in your blog but i didn't get the opportunity to take photos.sayang talaga!
    @ con tour: so much to explore yet so little time.

  8. Maganda sa Antique ha, pero Pandan pa lang napuntahan. parang ganyan ang beach, very nice kasi tahimik! ganda ng photos! kakaiba kasi siya, may noise siya na gusto ko. :)

  9. @pinoy boy journals: thanks! the beach is perfect for doing...nothing. nakaka-relax talaga.


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