Friday, February 11, 2011

My Antique Experience Roundup

From Iloilo City, we arrived in Maradiona, Belison, Antique at eleven in the evening. It was the night of the barangay fiesta and, of course, there was disco in the plaza. My mother-in-law and some relatives invited us to go the plaza but we have to beg off as we were really tired from the long boat trip from Cagayan de Oro City then land travel from Iloilo. So after a late dinner, we fell asleep quickly despite the loud disco music blaring throughout the night.

In the morning we went to the wonderful beach of Maradiona. Despite the strong, big waves, we all have fun swimming and picture-taking.

After breakfast, we went to the farm of our aunt in the adjacent barangay of Magsaysay. And here's our ride in going there:

  All aboard the "kuliglig"

 "Kuliglig" running in the highway of Antique

Locally known as the "Kuliglig", this Kubota-engine powered makeshift vehicle is usually used for farming activities and to transport goods and merchandise to nearby places.

Going to our aunt's farm, we passed along this small muscovado sugar mill:

Muscovado is a type of unrefined brown sugar. It is usually the preferred type of sweetener of the health -conscious since it is produced without the use of harmful chemicals.

This machine grinds the sugarcane to extract its juice:

The juice extracted is boiled in these large open pans until it evaporates. It is then dried and allowed to solidify into dark brown sugar:

The finished product is then piled in these bamboo beds:

After having our lunch in Aureliana, Patnongon, we proceeded to the town proper to check out the ruins of the Old Municipal Hall and the St. Augustine Parish. We then went back south to the town of San Jose de Buenavista to buy some grocery.

San Jose, about 67 kilometers from Iloilo City, is a 2nd class municipality and the capital of Antique Province. It is a progressive place with lots of commercial establishments (including a Gaisano department store) in the town proper.

 The town proper of San Jose de Buenavista in Antique

When we stopped by to withdraw money from a BPI branch ATM, I found out that right across the street is the EBJ Freedom Park:

The park is named after the late Gov. Evilio B. Javier, a freedom fighter during the Martial Law years. He was assasinated on February 11, 1986. This month, the Province of Antique commemorates the 25th anniversary of his death.

The time we spent in Antique may be short but it was a very memorable one. I was able to visit different places, do a few things outside my day-to-day routine and experience the warm hospitality of the Antiqueños (special mention to our relatives from my mother-in-law's side).  I'm sure I will be back again soon!

 Thank you, Antique!


  1. strange ride. but it looks breezy. hehe. nice of you to share what's happening in this town itself.

  2. really breezy!i even saw one running along the beach. : )

  3. ang saya ng ride na yan ah, very laid back ang place, pwede to entry sa quaint places :)

  4. Where is this in Antique? Waaah what i love about this province is that almost all destinations are unheard of. That makes traveling to this province such a delight. I've been to Pandan, and it's probably one of the times where i felt lost, but in a good way!

  5. @lakwatsera: this is a very quaint town indeed, and i love every minute we spent here.

    @pinoy boy: Belison is about 15 kilometers from San Jose de Buenavista, the capital of Antique Provice and about 2 hours from Iloilo City. I love going to small and unheard places because it could also yield pleasant surprises for travel enthusiasts like us.

  6. earl. any travel tips on how to get there. some details would be great for budget travels in going there. We might go there, who knows. A escape from a cruel corporate world and from some greedy individuals.

  7. @bon: this place can be reach by land travel of about two hours from iloilo city.

  8. hey cool ride! where can we buy one of those 'kuligligs'? is that thing only operatable in Antique? :)

  9. cool..u featured antique here in ur proud to be an Antiqueño!!!im from hamtic...whoever wants to have a trip in ANTIQUE..just contact me.its my plesure to guide u..09059667651


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