Monday, March 28, 2011

Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras

After exploring the Philippines' second oldest lighthouse in Guisi,  we proceeded right away to Raymen Beach Resort where we planned to eat our lunch. It was already high noon and I'm already famished. It was a good thing that my wife brought along some Sky Flakes, at least we have something to munch on along the way.

Raymen Beach Resort is located in Alubijod, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. From Guisi Point, it took us 15-20 minutes (tricylcle ride) to reach the resort. Raymen, according to many reviews, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guimaras.

Upon entering the resort, we went directly to the canteen. We were already hungry so we opted to eat first before checking out the beach. 

The gate of Raymen Beach Resort 

 On the left side is the hotel building while on the right is the canteen.

Inside Raymen's canteen

Raymen has a spacious canteen and food prices ranged from P100.00 to P200++ per dish. We ordered fish tinola, sizzling squid, pancit canton and rice. Though the waitress told us to wait for 15-20 minutes for our order, our food was served in about 10 minutes. I was really hungry that I forgot to take photos of the food (hehehe!). The taste is not really something to write home about but the servings are generous enough so we still have our fill.

 The entrance to the hotel and the beach.

After eating, we proceeded to the resort's main entrance where there is a fee of P10.00 per adult. On the left side is the resort's hotel and a souvenir shop. There is a concrete pathway that leads to the beach and picnic huts are situated on both sides.

 To the beach..

Raymen Beach has fine sands and clear azure waters. Some islets and rock formations can be viewed from a distance. Though the sands look white in pictures, it is actually a bit yellow-ish (or creamy) in color. 

 Souvenir items, island hopping and henna tattoo...

Raymen Beach Resort is sandwiched between two other resorts, Rico Beach Resort and Alubijod Cove. The three resorts' territories are bounded by some floats with fishnets which are not really pleasing to look at. The beach would have a been a nice long stretch if not for these boundaries.

On the short time we that spent in Raymen Beach Resort, I realized why it is very popular. It looks like a mini-version of Boracay. It is crowded and already commercialized. While some people like their beach with an ambience like this, it is not really my ideal destination. I prefer some places quiet and unspoiled, where I could unwind and escape from my life's daily grind.     

 Take me somewhere quiet...

Getting there:
Raymen Beach Resort can be reached through a 15-min boat ride from Ortiz Port, Iloilo City to Jordan Wharf, Guimaras then a 45-minute multicab or tricycle ride from Jordan Wharf to Alubijod, Nueva Valencia. You can also take a 1-hour boat ride direct from Iloilo City.


  1. i didn't quite like the amenities at raymen's to be honest. when we stayed there, the people who entertained us didn't actually entertained us. they just wanted our money or we can scram.

  2. Same here Earl, I like less crowded beaches or even more isolated islands :)

  3. @fetus: it was a good thing that we didn't stayed here pala. i guess it's because most of their guests are foreigners, so they didn't care that much on locals like us.too bad!tsk tsk!

  4. lakwatsera: we got something in common long as it is safe, the more isolated, the better.thanks for dropping by!

  5. Mukha ngang crowded! Gusto ko rin yung tipong sarili ko yung beach. Hehe. Selfish much? Can't wait to check out this shore nonetheless.

  6. @pinay travel junkie: just like boracay, may korean invasion din sa raymen...hehehe.

  7. Nakakamiss ang Guimaras! Ada and I stayed there in Raymen's kasi wala na kaming choice LOL.

  8. @senyorita:yep, i've read your post about guimaras.sayang at wala na kaming time makapag-island hopping tulad ninyo.ang ganda pa naman ng mga rock formations at view ng sunset sa pics mo! : )

  9. Guimaras is set to be one of my holiday destination this year. My schedule is last week of May. Well, thanks for sharing a review about Guimaras island. I'm so excited to go there.

  10. @thunderbird: i guess maka-habol ka pa sa mango season.sabi nila, world's sweetest ang manga sa guimaras.

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