Friday, April 29, 2011

The Serene Lake Pinamaloy in Don Carlos, Bukidnon

Nestled in the town of Don Carlos, Bukidnon is an inland water body called Lake Pinamaloy. It has an area of approximately 60 hectares and is surrounded by a lush greenery of grasses and trees.

Don Carlos is a first class municipality located in the southern part of Bukidnon. It is about 61 kilometers away from the capital city of Malaybalay. Before World War II, the town is a vast pasture land with its forested areas being part of the cattle ranches of the affluent families of Elizalde, Guingona and Roces. In 1944, when the country gained its independence from the Americans, the Bukidnon Lumber Company co-owned  by Howard Denison and the Fortich family, was transferred from the barrio of Sinangguyan to an area near Lake Pinamaloy. This started the influx of immigrants to the place as people come to seek opportunities for both employment and business.

Lake Pinamaloy is located within the Poblacion. Aside from being the town's famous landmark and tourist attraction, it is also the source of potable water for the community.

With its quiet and serene setting, Lake Pinamaloy could be develop into an eco-park where families could go boating, fishing or simply enjoy its refreshing vista.

 Satellite image of Lake Pinamaloy, the shape of which resembles a bowling pin (image from

Travel Tips:

(Image from

From the bus terminal of Don Carlos, you can ride a tricycle in going to Lake Pinamaloy.  Fare is probably less than 10 pesos. There is no entrance fee but bring some food and drinks along as there are no stores near the vicinity of the lake.


  1. It would also be nice to develop kayaking or rafting tour here to draw more tourists.

  2. @lakwatsera: I hope the local government unit would realize the tourism potential of this area considering its proximity to the town center. The challenge lies in proper development without compromising mother nature.

  3. a promising site for water sports...

  4. nice, clean, and calm. Why not conduct wakeboarding events here..?

  5. @pinoy adventurista and boracay: great ideas! hopefully this would be develop into something that would attract more tourist to the town.

  6. The province of Bukidnon is just near to as and I didn't not know that Don Carlos Bukidnon has a nice lake.

  7. I wish that they can developed this place like in Naga this perfect for wake boarding.

  8. Nice captures! The place is so serene, I actually like it this way, maybe some kayaking won't hurt but other water might change the character of the lake. But that's just me you know. :) The lakes used in Pinas for wakeboarding are all man-made, even the one that'll be develop in Nuvali, Sta.Rosa. ;)

  9. @gael: nice thoughts. developing this into a place for boating and fishing would probably attract visitors without affecting the lake's natural environment.

  10. Bukidnon is the home of sweet pineapples. Love the treat of tourist destinations there.

  11. The lake is so big. I wish i could visit there someday. The deepest lake I've ever been is in Lakewood Zamboangga Del Sur, they say no one have ever reach those lake.

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