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Manila Walk: Fort Santiago

Ignoring the Kalesa driver's ridiculous offer to take us around Intramuros and Luneta Park for 700 bucks, we simply walked our way from the Manila Cathedral to Fort Santiago. The best part about exploring Manila on foot is that you can make stops along more historical sites like, in our case, the Plaza de Roma and Palacio del Gobernador.
Still located within the walled city of Intramuros, Fort Santiago is only a few minutes walk from the Manila Cathedral. It is originally a wooden fort and the settlement area of Raja Sulayman, the last Muslim chieftain who ruled Manila before the Spaniards came and conquered in the 1500s.
 Horse-drawn carriages (kalesa) entering Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is a very important place in Philippine history. After Raja Sulayman's downfall, it became the defense fortress of the Spaniards and the base of their power. Situated in the mouth of the Pasig River, it is here where the famous Manila Galleon trade to Mexico began. National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal was also imprisoned in the fort before he was executed in 1896. During the World War 2, Japanese rulers took over Fort Santiago and inside its dungeons, many Filipino freedom fighters perished to death. The fort was destroyed by the US forces during the Battle of Manila in 1945 and was soon rebuild. Today, it is one of Manila's most famous attraction and a must-see destination for those who want to know more of our country's history.

These photos are taken during our walk around Fort Santiago last February. 
 The main entrance of Fort Santiago complex. Entrance fee is P75.00 for adults and P50.00 for children.
Posing with the entrance guards in cool Guardia Civil uniforms

A Spanish Cannon dated 1875 A.D. This is recovered underwater in Cebu in 1966. The building at the back is where Senator Elpidio Quirino was imprisoned for 16 days in 1943.
Fort Santiago is an ideal place for a leisure walk

 The road going to Fort Santiago Proper where Plaza de Armas, Rizal Shrine and Raja Sulayman Theaters are located.
The Fort Santiago Arch Entrance is 12 meters high. 
 Inside the main entrance is the second wall. The archway leads to Fort Santiago Proper.

At the center of Fort Santiago is the Plaza de Armas and the Rizal Shrine.
 Nearby is a life-size statue of National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal inside a prison cell. Rizal penned his last poem, Mi Ultimo Adios, during his last days in Fort Santiago.
 Field trippers retracing the bronze footsteps which represented Rizal's final walk to the place of his execution.

The Dungeon--where victims of Japanese atrocities during World War II were imprisoned.
 A group of youngsters enjoying the view of Pasig River. Fort Santiago was the main fort for the spice trade to America and Europe for more than 300 years. 

Location Map of Fort Santiago:

How to get there:

By taxi: Fort Santiago is a famous Manila destination so all taxi drivers are familiar with this place.
By LRT: Get off at the United Nations station and take a 20-minute walk to the gates of Intramuros.
By jeepney: Take jeepney with route that pass along Bonifacio Drive.


  1. ang tagal ko na pala'ng di nakakapasyal dyan... soon! =D hehehe!!!

  2. @pinoy adventurista: it was my first time in fort santiago and i've learned a lot.part of a promdi's adventures in manila. : )

  3. I forgot to take photo on the life size statue of Rizal. Tsk Tsk. Sayang.:-).

  4. ang galing ng shot mo sure professional ka na...gusto ko ring pumunta jan in the future...

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  5. ive been here in manila for almost 10 years already yet i still havent visited fort santiago .. just the intramuros part .. ill explore that part of manila one of these days .. - angel

  6. Andito kami lagi dati every Saturday for a month for our class pero di ako nagpag-ikot para mag-photoshoot, ang ganda pa naman ng lugar

  7. @lakwatsera: i've learned a lot about our country's history in the few hours that we spent in fort santiago.sulit talaga!

  8. @bon:nagpa-picture pud mi sa bakante na prison cell abay ni rizal.hehehe!

  9. i've been to Manila but i haven't experienced riding the kalesas.. *sigh* i wanna ride one of those even if it costs 700bucks? :)

  10. the kalesa ride is so expensive... why is that? This place have so much history in it..

  11. I'm featuring this one, too! I'd like to do the Manila Walk and ride a kalesa!

  12. Its better to explore intamuros by foot... madali namang puntahan mga tourist spots and churches, sobra mahal kasi ng singil ng tour guide at kalesa, around 300 pesos per 30 minutes.

    1. couldn't agree more.tour guide are always in a hurry and you could not spend as much time as you want to in every tourist spot you visit.

  13. Ang galing.. ppnta kmi jan this oct.. bdw, pls also visit my blog

  14. nindot kaayo... dapat maaga magpunta doon.. para maikot lahat.. amazing ang ganda ng lugar.. 50 pesos lang ang entrance for students.. sulit!!!! daming aral doon.. may kalesa doon na 100 ang singil..

  15. Yay! I just remembered, I had been here when I was in elementary during our break after the Rondalla Contest at CCP. The place is so great, you'll be able to learn lots of things from our history. :)

  16. thanks for share good images with content.

  17. ` perfectly captured photos :).An historic place .. Wish to travel to it..


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