Thursday, April 21, 2011

Visita Iglesia: Sibonga Church in Cebu

The Church of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragoza in Sibonga was the first church we visited during a Cebu southern heritage tour I did with my friends about four months ago. Sibonga is a laid back town south of Cebu City and is only about thirty minutes away from Carcar.

A Neo-Gothic church built by the Augustinians, it is located beside the provincial highway. The first thing that strikes me about its facade is the huge main door which is sandwiched between two massive belfries.

An interment service was going on when we arrived so we first went to the convent which is a separate building from the church.

Within the convent is this prayer room:

Inside the Prayer Room:

The prayer room is actually airconditioned and inside it is so quiet.

A view of Sibonga Church from the prayer room:

After some moments of reflection, we went back outside to check out the church. A National Historical Marker was posted in the church's wall:

Sibonga was originally a visita of Carcar in 1690 until it became an independent parish in 1830. The first church built was made of nipa and wood. The convent was built in 1839 while the construction of the current church started in 1866.

We went inside the church and I was simply amazed by the paintings in the ceiling. These artworks are done by Raymundo Francia, a famous Cebuano painter, in 1924.

A confessional near the main entrance:

Location map of Sibonga, Cebu:

(photo from wikimapia)
Getting there:
Take any south-bound bus or passenger van at the Cebu City South Terminal. Travel time is approximately one and a half hour. Sibonga is next to Carcar and the Church of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragoza is located beside the highway of Sibonga town proper.

Standing outside Sibonga Church (photo by Haru Rojas)


  1. Oh wow! Whatta beautiful piece of functional art! Hope to see it someday :)

  2. @Gay: Cebu is home to great beautiful churches. Estan covered them all in his book. I hope I could visit each of these churches someday too!

  3. Sato Travel-yes thx for this post because i am very upset how to create this but i read this post i am very happy thx for amazing post.

  4. Visita Iglesia is one of the tourist destination during lenten season here in Philippines. After the Visita Iglesia, they go in the beaches or resort hotel where they can bond with their family and friends.

  5. wow! i am from Cebu but i've never been here, i actually just passed by this Church on my way to Moalboal or Barili. Hope to stop by there someday. Nice Photos. What Camera are you using?


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