Saturday, May 21, 2011

My U.P. Diliman Experience

When our company sent us to the Real Estate Appraisal Program seminar/workshop in U.P. Diliman, I saw it both as an opportunity and a privilege. It was a three-module seminar that requires us to be in U.P. Diliman for three separate weeks, or one week each for the months of February, March and April.

The Oblation is one of the Philippines' most famous sculptures. It was commissioned in 1935 by then UP President Rafael Palma, based on the second stanza of Jose Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios" and was sculpted by National Artist Guillermo Tolentino.

It was an opportunity for me to travel back to Manila after 13 long years since the last time I was in Manila was when I took and passed the board exam for Agricultural Engineering in 1998. Yes, it's been that long and since I am a travel blogger now, the seminar gave me the opportunity  to explore some interesting spots in the country's capital.

 Ang Bahay ng Alumni. A few meters from here is the Benitez Alumni Hostel where we stayed.

At the back of Ang Bahay ng Alumni is the track and field oval. From here, the Iglesia ni Cristo Central Office can be seen.

It was also a privilege since I would be learning from the academe of the Philippines' premier institution of higher learning. I failed the UPCAT (U.P.'s entrance exam) way back in high school but it did not really mattered much to me since during that time, I don't have any plans to study college far away from home. I never really thought that one day, I would set foot in the university that produced some of the country's best and brightest graduates. 

The Academic Oval is where we regularly run. It is a paved road of approximately 2.2 kilometers surrounded by major college buildings. Traffic is one way and the inner lane is exclusive for bikers, joggers and pedestrians.

The moment we arrived in U.P. Diliman, I felt right at home. Nestled in Quezon City, its streets are lined up with huge trees, green grass sprawled on its fields  and wide open spaces abound. It seems like I never left Bukidnon, my home province, at all.

U.P Sunken Garden. A playground for softball, baseball, soccer and frisbee games. Band concerts are also held at the grandstand during the annual U.P Fair (which was held two days before we arrived there in February). 

Juinio Hall/National Engineering Center--where our classes are held.

The duration of our stay allow us to explore most parts of the campus. We stayed at the University Hotel for the first two nights then transferred to the more affordable Benitez Alumni Hostel for the rest of our stay. Our day usually starts with running around the academic oval then breakfast at the Consumer Cooperative Canteen. From the hostel, we would just walk to our classroom at the National Engineering Center. Our classes usually end before 6 PM, then we would walk again to the canteen, eat early dinner then back to the hostel. Nights are spent discussing our lessons and work-related stuff, accompanied by some shots of Emperador Light (!). Our routine allows me to familiarize myself with the streets, buildings, landmarks and other structures inside U.P. Diliman. Of course, I bring my point-and-shoot with me all the time.

 The Carillon is one of U.P.s most famous landmarks.

It was indeed a rare privilege to have stayed and studied in U.P. Diliman even for just a brief period. I did learn lots of things which are applicable to my line of  work. I also experienced the U.P. culture up close and got a taste of what it feels like to be mentored in the country's best university. My U.P. Diliman experience was something I will definitely cherish for life.

My officemates imitating The Beatles' Abbey Road

 Standing outside Kalayaan dorm. This is where Eraserheads, the most influential Pinoy band of my generation, was born.


  1. you made me miss the campus more! looks like you guys had fun, like ko yung "The Beatles" shot! haha Love the rest of the pix,I;m a sucker for pinkish skies

  2. We have many things in common...I am an agriculturist by profession and also obsessed with the UP. Call it luck that I was able to avail a scholarship and pursued my Master of Public Management at the UPOU with learning center at National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG) where I used to attend our monthly study sessions. Going over your post in this great blog made me remind my UP Diliman days from 2000 to 2005.

  3. ahh, nakakamiss ang Dliman campus, sarap dito kapag weekend, wala masyado tao at masarap magmuni-muni. Natry mo ba yung barbecue sa The Beach House?

  4. @gael: Nakatuwaan lang sa the beatles pose.hahaha! Ang ganda talaga ng UP Diliman campus. Sarap tumakbo sa academic oval.

  5. @islandvacations: thanks for visiting my blog.i'm an agricultural engineer by profession and currently working as a bank property appraiser. The Real Estate Appraisal Program seminar/workshop I recently attended in UP Diliman definitely equipped me with knowledge and skills which are applicable to my job.

  6. @claire: i wasn't able to try the barbecue kasi i read about it only when we got home.sayang! anyway, i had my fill of fishballs, ice cream and fruit shakes. i missed UP Diliman already...

  7. Sweet photo, haven't been there before gonna visit though. I love love the place.

  8. This is very useful, thank you! I hope to visit UP-Diliman the next time I visit Pinas (it's been 11 years since my last visit). Will feature this in my next FILkada WEEKLY newsletter so as to remind me re: places that I'd like to visit--also, to showcase Pinoy pride to our Overseas Filipinos! Thank you!

  9. @Jaz-Filkada: Yes, you may feature this in your newsletter. Just give credits to the author/photographer and link to this blog. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the photos you posted here.. They bring nostalgic feelings way back 40 years ago.. I stayed in Area 2 during my college days. That's where one can see the INC "palace" at the background.

  11. wow.. thanks for that info on Eraaserheads - i didnt expect it. Love them. :) and it was a pleasant surprise to see a blog on UP... UP is an exciting school to explore because there seems to be so many things happening here.

  12. I attended UP in 1960-62. Thanks for the photos. Yes I miss those days. Hope to come back and visit again. Last time I visited the place was in 2006.


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