Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Food Trip: Deep Fried Hito in Sariling Atin, Kidapawan City

Let me take a break from my Conquering Mount Kitanglad series to share this "food trip" post during our recent travel to Kidapawan City, North Cotabato. It was a work-related travel as we have to do some official transactions at the Regional Trial Court in Midsayap and at the Registry of Deeds (R.O.D.) in Kidapawan.

It was already past noon when our transaction was finished at the R.O.D which is located within the Provincial Capitol Compound in Amas, Kidapawan. We were already starving so we went to this restaurant named Sariling Atin Pick and Grill across the highway, almost fronting the entrance gate of the Provincial Capitol.

The restaurant has a simple interior and is divided into three areas: dining, bakeshop and a school supplies store.

Sariling Atin Pick & Grill Dining Area

Beside the restaurant's main door is this aquarium filled with live "hito" or catfish. 

As the name of this restaurant implies, you just have to pick or choose the hito you want and the chef will grill it for you. Price is P230/kilogram which already include the cooking charge.

We ordered one kilo, consists of two fairly large-sized hito and opted to have it deep fried instead of grilled.   

In about 15 minutes our order was served:

 Presenting...Sariling Atin's Deep Fried Hito

Along with several cups of rice, Sariling Atin's deep fried hito was quickly devoured:

 Gone, gone, gone!

Looking at the last photo above, it is very obvious that the dish really tasted great and my stomach certainly have its fill. Yum, yum, yum!!!


  1. I absolutely love fried hito, especially if it's super crispy... you can eat almost every part of it!

  2. sarap! is that achara on the side? naglaway tuloy ako. hehe

  3. @pinaytraveljunkie: same here, favorite ko talaga yan eversince.

  4. @ding: yup, that's achara.nakaka-gutom nga....hehehe

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