Saturday, September 10, 2011

Conquering Mount Kitanglad (Part 3): Welcome to the Jungle

This is the third installment of my Conquering Mount Kitanglad Series. This series chronicles my first-ever mountain climbing experience at the country's fourth highest peak situated in the Province of Bukidnon. The first part is about our overnight stay in Sitio Intavas (jump off-point) and the second part is our long hike from the sitio up to Kitanglad's base.

After resting for a few minutes to recharge ourselves at the mountain base we started our long climb to Mount Kitanglad's peak. As it rained hard the day before, the trail was muddy and slippery.  The thick, lush forest with moss-covered trees blocked the rays of the sun and I could feel the cold temperature sinking past my cheap dri-fit shirt and arm warmers.

Mount Kitanglad Range covers an estimated area of about 30,642.0 hectares, of which 82% is secondary forest, 5% brushland, 12% grassland areas while the remaining 1% constitutes agricultural/open and bare soil areas. Its buffer zone covers an area of 14,480.0 hectares. Mt. Kitanglad Range forms the headwater catchments area of several major river systems draining North and Central Mindanao. Among these are the Cagayan, Tagoloan, and Pulangi Rivers.  (source:

It was a long and tough climb all the way. Several times I have to hang on to damp tree trunks and branches to balance myself and hop over some puddles of mud. Steep slopes like this are also plenty:

Metal ladders are installed on the steepest parts:

At the ridge of the mountain is a portion called "aeraial roots". Though it looks and feels like a solid ground, it is actually hollow underneath and is more like an extension of the ridge caused by big, old roots covered and firmed by woods and leaves throughout the years.   

These are some of the jaw-dropping sights seen from the ridge we passed through:

A refreshing view of a waterfall on the mountain side:

We were more than halfway before reaching the peak when we rested on this big rock along the ridge.

 Our mighty porters Bebot and Dodo who carried our bags all the way to the top and back.

Here we marveled at the view and ate some biscuits and chocolate bars to fuel our bodies. A few moments later a light rain started to drizzle. Worried that it might turn into a heavy downpour, we continued and pushed through with our final assault to the peak. (To be continued...)


  1. GAling mo talaga Earl. ang sarap umakyat ng bundok lalo na makarating ka sa peak. Its so hard to be Asthmatic. These are the things I want to focus on in the future. Thanks for sharing Kitanglad.

  2. @chino: first time ko 'to. kakaibang experience din pala ang mountain climbing. absolutely breathtaking! One step at a time lang, i'm sure makakaya mo yan soon!

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