Thursday, October 13, 2011

Conquering Mount Kitanglad Part 4: Life at the Peak

After five long hours of tough climb, we finally reached the peak of Mount Kitanglad. The light rain still drizzled from up above, I was exhausted and starving as it was already past 12 noon. Still, the feeling of finally reaching the peak of the first mountain I was able to climb was simply exhilarating and surreal beyond words. 

From the open dirt road of Sitio Intavas, to the lush virgin forest, ridges and aerial roots on the way up, it is quite ironic that the trail gave way to the peak where concrete buildings, bunk houses and steel towers stood. What set Kitanglad apart from other summit is that it is  actually an important site for modern communications,its peak being host to the towers of TV Stations ABS-CBN and GMA 7 and the telephone company PLDT-Philcom.  Along with these private entities are buildings owned by the Provincial Government of Bukidnon, TRANSCO and the Protected Area Managemenet Board (PAMB). Employees of these agencies reside and work at the peak on 12 to 15-day shift. 

The presence of concrete bunkers offers modern comfort even at 2,899 ASL. We were able to take shower in a tiled bathroom and sleep comfortably in bunk beds. At the peak of Mount Kitanglad, you can watch television, listen to music and contact your loved ones via cellphone or even a landline phone (!).  

 "Warming up"

Modern structures notwithstanding, the peak of Mount Kitanglad still offers the best view I never could have imagined. As the weather started to clear, low lying clouds whick looked like pluffy cottons passed by and gave way to the amazing view of the world below. 

On one side you can view the vastness of Bukidnon Province, while on the other is the majestic Macajalar Bay. In the north, Camiguin Island looks enchanting while on the opposite side Mount Dulang-Dulang is a tempt, posing as another challenge waiting to be conquered.  

The stunning sights of nature are almost dreamlike and at the same time humbling as it will make you truly appreciate  the greatness of its Creator.  

This is the fourth part of my Conquering Mount Kitanglad series. This series chronicles my first ever mountain climbing experience in the Philippines; fourth highest peak located in Bukidnon. To read the previous parts, please click the following links:


  1. Another peak conquered- congrats Earl! I always love the view from the top :)

  2. With premium chances grossed with Cheap Flights to Sydney one may never feel bored or left out in the vibrant cosmopolitan like this harbor city.

  3. @lakwatsera: thanks claire! my first time to climb a mountain, the best talaga!

  4. Your first time?! What an awesome feat!

  5. @pinaytraveljunkie: yes gay! it was truly awesome. hopefully more climbs to come!

  6. how come i did not see this before going there. :((( argh sayanga oy! nice one! i sooo wanna go back there. but di nako mag race. mo climb sa ko! i

    1. Naka-decide ko dili modagan sa race mam, after passing through this trail. OK ra kaayo ko mag-climb ani pero lisod jud daganon. Do come back in Bukidnon, Mam! Kitanglad's peak is waiting to be conquered! : )

    2. no. i don't want to conquer it. i want to befriend it. hehe. maka inlove inyo lugar!

  7. Thank you for sharing this series, gives me clearer picture of what to expect... plan to scale Mt.Kitanglad soon and I dunno if I can make it to Mt. Dulangdulang as the group plan to do both..waaaah goodluck to me! :)


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