Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cebu: Travel Guide in Going to Camotes Islands

Camotes, with its pristine and unspoiled white beaches is one of Cebu's best kept secrets. Though it is not as famous (yet) as Mactan or Bantayan, going there is not really that difficult. This simple Camotes travel guide is based on my experience when my wife and I went to this island paradise two weeks ago.

1. From Mactan International Airport, take a cab to Cebu City North Terminal. Metered taxis are available outside the airport. They are much cheaper to ride than fixed rate taxis which can be found outside the airport's main exit doors. From Mactan Airport to Cebu North Terminal, taxi fare is around 150-250 pesos.

Cebu North Terminal

2. You may also opt to go to the Van (popularly known here as V-Hire) Terminal in SM City Cebu. This was actually what we did but we found out that passenger vans will only leave when they are already full. Since we were the only passengers that time, we decided to just go to the north terminal.

 V-Hire Terminal in SM City Cebu

A third option in going to Danao is taking a jeepney ride from Mandaue City.

3. At the Cebu City North Terminal, take any aircon or regular north-bound bus. Tell the conductor or driver you are going to disembark at the port of Danao (locally called "pantalan"). Travel time is about 1 hour and regular bus fare from Cebu City to Danao City is 40.00.

 Port of Danao City

4. The port of Danao is not hard to find as it is located along the national highway. Please take note of the schedule of ferries going to Consuelo Port in San Francisco, Camotes and back to Danao:

Jomalia Shipping Corp.

Super Shuttle Ferry

5. Regular boat fare is 180.00. Jomalia shipping has airconditioned passenger accommodation with a fare of 200.00. Travel time from Danao City to Consuelo Port is about 2 hours.

6. Consuelo Port is located in the town of San Francisco, Camotes. It is in this municipality where most white sand beaches are located. Upon arriving in Consuelo, there are plenty of habal-habal (motorcycles good for 1-2 passengers) or multicabs (if you are in a group) available for hire. 

Arriving in Consuelo Port, San Francisco, Camotes

7. We were booked in Santiago Bay Gardens and Resort which is about 15-20 minutes away from Consuelo Port. A habal-habal took us to the resort for 50 pesos each.

8. On our way to the resort, the driver offered to tour us around San Francisco for 500 pesos plus 2 liters of gasoline. We agreed with the price and on that afternoon we were able to visit Mangodlong Rock Resort, Lake Danao, Bakhaw Beach, Timubo Cave and San Francisco Baywalk.

9. If you want to tour the island in habal-habal, I highly reccommend the driver we hired. He is a great guide and also a good photogtapher. You may contact James Gonzaga at 09072184479.

10. If you're in a group, you may hire a van or multicab at P1,500 per day (negotiable).

11. There aren't too many stores along the way to the tourist destinations so be sure to bring some food and drinks along with you.

12. Camotes is not as extensively developed as Boracay or other well-known tourist destinations so don't expect luxurious and modern ameneties in every place you go. However, I guarantee that what you will experience is unspoiled nature at its best, a place where time seems to slow down in a relaxing and quaint atmosphere. 

I HEART Camotes!



  1. One comprehensive post. a very good travel guide. Nice photo earl, (the last photo).:-).

  2. Camotes Island is my next travel this week end. I'm also gonna blog about it. I've read some blogs about the island and i hope to enjoy there. I might contact James Gonzaga to get more info there.

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  5. now i have the idea how to get there.. thanks for the blog!:)

  6. Thanks for the useful information. especially the ferry timings.

    I found your blog while researching for my own trip to Camotes and Malapascua

    My Philippines travel blog -

  7. I didn’t hear about that Camotes Islands before, I am pretty sure that the place would be brilliant and ideal for spending a vacation.

  8. Camotes islands are really beautiful, I have visited there only one time and I had so much fun with my parents.

  9. The hotels are really very nice and beautiful mentioned in this blog. I like reading this and get many useful information's after reading this post. Keep sharing.

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