Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Discovering Camotes (Part 2): A Beautiful Morning in Santiago Bay

The half-day travel from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu City, then to Danao City and finally to Camotes Islands followed by a whole afternoon of exploring the town of San Francisco took its toll and gave me and my wife a deep slumber in our comfy room in Santiago Bay Gardens and Resort. The morning after, I woke up ahead of my cellphone's alarm clock, looked outside the window and was really awed by the early morning view of the bay below.

The low tide exposed more of the bay's white sands, making the beach wider than what I've seen when we arrived the previous day. The morning was calm, peaceful and serene. Excited, I hurriedly woke up my wife and enticed her for a morning stroll along the beach.

We descended on the concrete stairs leading to the beach. A few tourists are also frolicking on the sands, enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun and savoring the fresh sea breeze of Camotes Sea.  Despite the presence of other sun worshipers, the beach is far from being crowded. With its long stretch and wide area, it is not hard to find your own quiet place of solitude.

Santiago Bay is a public beach and is the most famous beach destination in Camotes. It is located in Barangay Santiago in the town of San Francisco and is just a few kilometers away from Consuelo Port. There are only a few resorts along the bay and it is not hard to find accommodations below 1,000 pesos. A wide portion of white sands are exposed during low tide, making the beach not only postcard perfect but also a great place to hang out and relax.

After running barefoot up to the farthest end of the bay, we went to a beachfront eatery called Pito's Sutokil. A hearty breakfast feast of Sinugba, Tinola and Kinilaw complimented this beautiful morning along the beach of Santiago Bay.


  1. it's amazing to see how wide this flat sand of camotes islands. similar to the ones in cagbalete.

  2. Been in Cebu twice but I have not yet visited this place, there is so much to see in Cebu talaga :D

  3. Parang Cagbalete nga during lowtide. I'm not sure kung eto ung nadaanan namin when we went to Bantayan Island.

  4. great early morning photos. love your sunbursts, too.

  5. dong ho: thanks master dong! sana mapuntahan ko rin ang cagbalete someday.

  6. @tina: totally agree! from north to south, east to west, there's so much to explore in Cebu. Too little time (and budget) lang.hehehe...

  7. @killrfllr: Bantayan is on the northwestern side while camotes is northeast of Cebu. Mas malapit ang Camotes from Cebu City compared to Bantayan. Both islands are awesome though.

  8. @byahengbarok: thanks gladys! medyo naka-tsamba lang sa sunburst shots. : )

  9. Its a wonderful place to visit..
    Thank you..
    follow us..


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