Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Albay: A Stroll in Embarcadero and Dinner at Gilian's Sea Wharf

After checking in at the Legazpi Airport Hotel, we ate a very late lunch at the nearby Airlines Canteen. Then it rained very hard. It was a good thing that my wife ordered nilagang baka as the soup somehow warmed and soothed our weary bodies amidst the cold rainy, weather. The rain subsides soon after and we decided to take a short nap inside our room. After a half-hour rest, we freshened up before going to our first destination: the Embarcadero de Legazpi.

 Embarcadero's lighthouse

From the airport, we hired a tricycle for 50 pesos to take us to the Embarcadero. This lifestyle and commercial complex with a seafront location is adjacent to the Legazpi City Boulevard. It houses branded clothing and apparel retailers, grocery and drug store, fastfood chains and restaurants. It has a huge children's playground and a modern lighthouse which also serves as the launching pad for the zipline facility.

The playground

Restaurants at the seaside

The Pasalubong Center has an array of stalls selling t-shirts, keychains, abaca native bags, lampshades, house decors and other souvenir items. We didn't buy anything here though as we think that pasalubong items are much cheaper in Cagsawa Ruins and the Legazpi Grand Terminal where we planned to go the next day.

It was already past 7 PM when decided to eat our dinner. We walked towards the strip of restaurant by the seaside and chose Gilian's Sea Wharf Chef. Why? Because we read about this resto featured in Side Trip magazine. Hehehe... : )

We wanted to have a taste of an authentic Bicol dish so we ordered Gilian's Bicol Express (P150.00). Aside from the Bicol Express, we also ordered Pinaputok na Pla Pla (150.00), three cups of rice, San Mig Light for me and Antonov Apple for Malou. We waited for about 20 minutes before our food was served.

 Gilian's Bicol Express...spicy!

The Bicol Express really tasted awesome. The chunks of pork cubes cooked in coconut milk are so tender and the finger chilies provided just the right dose of scorch, not too hot but spicy enough that it bites back. On the other hand, the pimaputok na plapla (tilapia) was plump and juicy. It was perfectly grilled, topped with garlic bits and served with pickled papaya on the side.

 Pinaputok na Pla Pla...yummy!

A very satisfying meal capped our evening spent at the Embarcadero. We were full to the brim as we took another tricycle ride back to the Airport Hotel.

Travel Tips:

From the airport, you may take a taxi or the cheaper tricycle (50 pesos for two persons). Jeepneys plying the Rizal Street route also pass by the Embarcadero. Just ask directions from the locals as the Embarcadero is a very famous spot in Legazpi. On a clear day (and if you're lucky), this place also provides a good vantage point for viewing Mount Mayon.

This is the second part of my Chasing Mayon's Full Glory series. Will we ever see Mount Mayon's perfect cone shape during our brief stay in Albay? Stay tuned for my succeeding posts. : ) 

Part 1: Bumpy Plane Rides from Cagayan de Oro to Manila to Legazpi City

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  1. Replies
    1. Best with ice cold beer kay....halang!

    2. Nagiging mas masarap at special ang BICOL EXPRESS kung ito tinitikman mo mismo sa BICOL... :) i miss them. :) did you try the PINANGAT?

    3. We missed the Pinangat lan. But at least we got to feast on Bicol Express. Sarap!


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