Friday, April 20, 2012

(What's The Story) Mayon's Morning Glory?

Our short stay in Albay is about to end. In a full-packed 2-day itinerary, my wife Malou and I tasted an authentic Bicol Express, hiked to the top of Ligñon Hill, visited the Daraga Church and had a fun photoshoot at the Cagsawa Ruins. Throughout our stay, we've been chasing but failed to catch one last thing that would make our Albay journey complete: the perfect view of Mayon Volcano.

Our flight back to Manila was scheduled at 9:45 AM and I woke up a few minutes before seven. There was no need to rush since we stayed at the Legazpi Airport Hotel which is jus a few steps away from the airport. I stepped outside the hotel and was greeted by a warm, sunny day. It has been mostly cloudy with occasional rains during our stay so the warmth of the early morning sun is most welcomed. I got excited as I know the fine weather would give us the best chance of seeing a cloudless Mount Mayon.

My hunch was right because just outside the hotel was this jaw-dropping, breathtaking and awe-inspiring sight:     

 Mayon Volcano--you're beautiful, it's true.

Mayon is indeed gorgeous, stunning and beautiful. It almost symmetric conical shape mesmerized me to no end. So for the next two hours or so, I took lots and lots of photos in every vantage point I could find. We failed to see her beauty in the previous two days of our stay, so in this beautiful morning, I treated myself to a "Mayon Volcano overload". 

Tourists with their Mayon fun shots

 The most picturesque airport view in the Philippines...and probably in the whole world.

Mayon Volcano as viewed from the plane's window

Mayon Volcano's photo taken just as the plane was about to take off.

Mayon Volcano over rice fields and coconut plantations.

Seeing Mayon in her full, perfect glory did make our Albay trip complete. Finally, I've personally seen what I used to see only in my grade school textbooks, travel magazines and postcards. Seeing her beauty on our last day in Albay simply gave our journey a perfect ending!

This is the last part of my Chasing Mount Mayon Series. This series chronicles our quest to see the perfect cone shape of Mayon Volcano. Click the following links to read my previous posts on this series:

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  1. oh wow Mt. Mayon is stunningly beautiful!!! :)

    ps: lovely photos sir! postcard worthy!

    1. Thanks mam! She finally showed her beauty on our last day in Albay. : )

  2. Awesome pics! I'm drooling over the clear view of Mayon during your flight back to Manila.

    1. Sa wakas, nagpakita din ang "pakipot" na Mayon.hehehe...Thanks for your posts on Legazpi. It was really helpful for first timers like us.

  3. sus nindot jud kaayo tan-awn ang mount mayon uy. pareha ta, na mesmerize jud ana niya. hehehehe

    1. pwerte jud bai.murag nahurot amo oras sige tutok nya. : )

  4. Ang ganda ng Shots! walang kupas pa din ang Mayon! :)

  5. Perfect as in perfect jud earl. Seeing mayon's beauty made your vacation perfect.

  6. wowww.. I was reading the whole story about your Albay visit.. Finally, she (mayon) gave you a perfect view on your last day..

    Hope you guys enjoyed your trip in Albay..

    Thanks for visiting bicol..

    1. We enjoyed it so much as it ended perfectly with Mayon showing us her full view on our last day in Albay.

  7. Great pictures! You can check the site below for more Mayon Volcano/Albay adventures.


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