Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bukidnon: Long Run Discoveries in Malaybalay

A new route or an unplanned turn could sometimes yield a pleasant surprise. Like what I and my friend James experienced last Black Saturday when we went for a run in an unfamiliar route which leads to Barangay Can-ayan, an interior part of our hometown Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. We got bored with our usual rounds at the Capitol Grounds so we pounded our soles to somewhere we've never ran before. Little did we knew that we're in for a real surprise. 

The unpaved road going to Barangay Can-ayan already presented a new kind of running experience. We can feel the cold weather as we run underneath the shade of trees and accompanied by the chirping of the birds. The gentle uphills tested our legs' strength but the beautiful view of distant mountains and hills seemed to energize us and made us run with more gusto.

After more than 40 minutes of running and just as we are about to enter the barangay proper, we decided to make a U-turn. Going back, we got curious of the road the goes right so we decided to run towards its direction. 

We found a small trail leading up to the peak of a hill and we followed that trail for a few meters. The elevation gave us a vantage point to some of the most awesome views I have seen so far in my hometown.  The foggy mountains and pines were simply a sight to behold. It felt like we were in a foreign place yet we're only a few kilometers away from Malaybalay City proper.  

As James and I run back to our starting point, we made a plan to explore that trail further someday. Indeed, there is joy in finding new route and I am sure more surprises are out there waiting to be discovered.

(For more photos of this route, visit my running blog HERE.)


  1. Oh I've been to Can-ayan! :) Great shots Sir!

  2. new route, new horizon and new experiences earl. nice ni nga route ba. this is also good for a major event especially fun and trail run.:-).

    1. la pa namo na-fully explore ang trail bon. i believe daghan pa nindot na view didto. kuyog ta sa sunod!


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