Monday, May 28, 2012

Bakhaw Beach: The Best Kept Secret of Camotes

Supposed to be, it was not part of the "habal-habal itinerary" offered by the friendly driver James. For 500 bucks and 2 liters of gasoline, he would take us to our accommodation in Santiago Bay Gardens and Resort then tour us to Mangodlong Rock Resort, Lake Danao, Timubo Cave and San Francisco Baywalk. When I asked if we could take a side trip to Bakhaw Beach, he instantly agreed as it is just along the way to one of our destinations. I got a hunch that Bakhaw is beyond the usual tourist stops in Camotes Islands, Cebu

After finding serenity in Lake Danao Park, we continued to thread the well-paved but lonely road of San Francisco. Upon reaching Barangay Esperanaza, we made a quick left turn towards a narrow dirt path amidst the bushes and trees. 

 The road going to Bakhaw Beach

In a little while, we reached Bakhaw Beach and I was instantly taken aback. The coconut trees and green, grassy lawn gave way to a long stretch of white sands and clear blue waters. There are no resorts, no beach cottages and save for a few locals swimming from afar, there are no other tourists in sight! Bakhaw is my kind of beach, secluded, undeveloped and unspoiled by commercialization.

After paying the entrance fee of 5 pesos (!) per person to the beach keeper, Malou and I made our way to the beach. I put my slippers on the side and let my weary feet soaked on the sands. I swear, it was very therapeutic.

Malou was not in the mood for some tan, so she wrapped herself in her sarong to ward off the afternoon heat.

I enjoyed the sight so much that suddenly I felt the urge to run. So run barefoot, I did!

I asked James if there are any accommodations near Bakhaw Beach and he pointed to what looks like a concrete house which stood from a distance--the Borromeo Beach Resort. This modern structure however is situated in a considerable distance from the white sands and is far enough not to obscure the amazing beach view.

I did asked myself, how come a beach this postcard pretty remains undiscovered as it has the potential to rival some of the country's best destinations. Still, I certainly hope that Bakhaw Beach would remain as it is. Simply beautiful, quaint and quiet, it is an ideal spot to disconnect one's self from the daily grind of the modern world.

Travel Tips:

1. Bakhaw Beach is located in Barangay Esperanza, San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu. It is about 30-40 minutes away from Consuelo Port. The best way to reach this beach is to hire a habal-habal motorcycle. Fare depends on your negotiation with the driver but I guess it would cost not more than 100 pesos. You may contact the driver we hired: James Gonzaga - 09072184479

2. One of the nearest accommodations in Bakhaw Beach is the Borromeo Beach Resort. They have large airconditioned rooms for a group of 6-8 persons.  For more info and reservation, contact Jun Parama - 09997035754 or you may visit this site.

3. There are no restaurants and commercial establishments near Bakhaw so bring your own supplies as you can cook your own food in the resort. 

 This is another part my series on Camotes Islands, where my wife Malou and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Click the following links to view my previous posts:

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  1. Philippines is bless with beautiful beaches all over the country like cebu resorts
    that have white sands and enjoyable beach activities.

    1. Nice post. Considering Camotes this yr. Hopefully. :)

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  3. Earl, Camotes Islands is on my bucket list. I wish to go there this year!

    1. Sure ko malingaw ka dri lan. Daghan pwede masuroyan like white sand beaches, caves and the largest lake in visayas.

  4. Which is most better?

    Bakhaw Beach in Camotes? Or White Sand Beaches in Alcoy?

    1. In my personal experience? I guess Bakhaw Beach is better :)

  5. Funny we had the same tour guide on our trips. He was great. I can't wait to go back!

  6. Hi! Do you have Malou's contact number?


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