Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Suroy Pilipinas wins T-shirts from Choose Philippines!!!

These two Choose Philippines t-shirts just arrived via courier today so I'm making this short post to extend my gratitude to Choose Philippines. I am one of the three winners on week 2 of their Share The UNDISCOVERED promo, which encourages members to upload article and photos of their newly discovered Philippine destinations, recipes and/or events. My winning entry is about Bakhaw Beach which I discovered in Camotes Islands, Cebu last year. I haven't made a post about this amazing beach in this blog yet so if you're a bit curious, you may read the short article and view the photos published in Choose Philippines here:  http://www.choosephils.com/read_post.php?cat=travel&id=1638.

Choose Philippines' Share the UNDISCOVERED promo is still on going until June 1, 2012. So if you want to win some cool t-shirts you can proudly wear on your next travel, visit the promo page here:  http://www.choosephils.com/read_post.php?cat=products&id=37.

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