Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lake Danao in Camotes: The Largest in Visayas

Lake Danao is one of the most breathtaking destinations in San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu.  Shaped like a guitar body, the freshwater lake has a total area of 680 hectares and is the largest lake in the whole Visayas. Surrounded by six barangays and the poblacion of San Francisco, the lake can be reached through one of its access points: the municipal-owned Lake Danao Park located in Sitio Patabog, Barangay Union.

From Mangodlong Rock Resort, James, our friendly habal-habal driver took us to our Camotes Island Destination Number 2: Danao Lake Park. The road going to the lake is paved and save for a few motorcycles, we met no other vehicles along the way. It gave me the impression that Camotes is still a very quaint island, much like Guimaras and Camiguin.

The ride from Mangodlong to Lake Danao took around 20 minutes. We paid the entrance fee of 10.00 pesos/person at a barangay check-point, and in a little while we were greeted by this welcome signage:

Entrance signage of the park:

Lake Danao is indeed very huge. The park is quiet and peaceful and the only noise we heard are those coming from local kids enjoying a cool afternoon dip in the lake. A wooden footbridge serves as access to the mini-wharf where paddle boats and the "sakanaw" are available for rent.   

 At the rightmost part of this photo is the "sakanaw" boat

The sakanaw is a motor-powered outrigger with a unique design and can around 20 persons. It is used by tourists to ride around the lake and to its two islets namely Crocodile and Snake Islets.  Cost per ride is 500 pesos for a maximum of 10 persons.  

Exploring Danao Lake and its islets via the sakanawwould have been fun and going for a swim could have been refreshing. But since we still have a couple of spots to visit, we decided to just take photos all over the place. 

Travel Tips:
Lake Danao Park can be reached by habal-habal motorcyle from Consuelo Port in San Francisco. Fare would be around 50 to 100 pesos, depending on your negotiation with the driver. The best option would be to hire the motorcycle to take you to several spots in San Francisco. For our part, we paid 500 pesos plus two liters of gasoline. If you're interested you may call or text James Gonzaga: 09072184479

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  1. A beautiful, mystical and magical experience in viewing these photographs. Thank you for sharing them with so many and especially those of us who haven't viseted this place.

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