Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goodbye to the Sun....Just Another View of Manila Sunset

On a recent stay in Manila, I was able to catch the view of Manila Sunset from the rooftop of Shogun Suites Hotel in Pasay where we are billeted. I stared in awe at this dazzling display of fiery colors as the sun slides behind the Bataan Peninsula. The spectacular blend of orange,red and yellow splashed on the skies and slowly turned the skyscrapers into silhouettes just before night falls all over the metropolis.   


  1. One of the best thing i love about Manila is its SUNSET.... Lalo na pag nasa Manila Bay. :)

  2. Lan, I would have wanted to capture it's beauty in Manila Bay, didn't got the chance though. So I settled for this view from the hotel roof deck. Stunning sight nonetheless. Salamat sa pag-bisita bai! : )


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