Sunday, July 22, 2012

...And I Said What About Breakfast at Pito's Sutokil (Camotes, Cebu)

Roughly made up of bamboo poles and nipa shingles, Pito's Sutokil looks like your ordinary roadside caridenria.  It was an early morn when we got there and the monobloc chairs still leaned on the wooden tables draped with plastic cover. A videoke machine stood in one corner while amakan walls divided the dining area from the kitchen.   However, an ordinary roadside carinderia it is not. Its floor are actually white sands and its open air ambiance offers an astounding infinity view of the horizon. Pito's Sutokil, after all, lies along the beautiful Santiago Bay of San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu.

Heading back to Santiago Bay Gardens and Resort where we stayed, Malou and I came across this unassuming eatery. We decided that we would just eat our breakfast here as I thought the food might be more affordable compared to the resort's restaurant. I was indeed right because upon perusing their menu, I found out that their dishes only cost between 80 to 120 pesos.

 Pito's Sutokil Menu (click photo to enlarge)

We went for an all-fish breakfast and ordered Pito's specialty: sutokil. While waiting for our order, I observed that Pito's also sells souvenir t-shirts and native delicacies. So we bought some to take home.

 Inside Pito's Sutokil

Our order was served in a little while:

 Sugba/Sinugba (Grilled)

Tola/Tinola (Soup)

Kilaw/Kinilaw (raw fish in vinegar and spices)

The food tasted really great and I could tell that the ingredients used are all fresh. Malou and I had a hard time finishing it all off because the order was actually good for 3 to 4 persons (burp!). In the end, we decided have one grilled cut wrapped and gave it to our habal-habal driver later on.  

Pito's Sutokil is a family-owned business. They also have available rooms for overnight stay with rates ranging from 800 (fan room) to 1,200 (air-conditioned room) pesos. They also offer van service for group tour around Camotes. For more details you may directly contact the owners: 09351359640.

This view comes free with your Pito's Sutokil breakfast.

Wondering how to reach Camotes? Visit this guide: How to Commute from Cebu City to Camotes Islands. 

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  1. Craving for kinilaw upon seeing the picture. What's Sutokil?

    1. It's actually an acronym, a combination of Sugba, Towa (or tinola) and Kilaw (or kinilaw). : )

  2. WOW! i'm sure mapaparami ako ng kain dyan... ang ganda ba naman ng view! woohoo! :) Sutokil for the win! Cheers!!!

  3. Napakanta ako sa title! Hahaha! Medyo swak naman ang Pito's Sutokil sa lyrics. Among the three, kilaw's my fave.

    1. thanks gay! finally, someone commented about the title. medyo na-alala ko lang ang mga 90s alternative so I came up with this title na bagay naman sa post na ito. : )

  4. We got the chance to eat on this place. Great food and ambience, in front of you is a great beachfront. Beside at the top is Santiago Bay Resort.

  5. Definitely on my list! Going to try their Kinilaw, it looks sooooo yummy!


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