Sunday, August 12, 2012

Awesome Adventure Trail in Bukidnon for Less than 1,000 Pesos!

This month's Pinoy Travel Bloggers's Blog Carnival dared its members with this challenge: WHERE WOULD YOU TRAVEL GIVEN A 1,000 BUDGET? Given my penchant for budget travel and considering that the last time I joined this monthly Blog Carnival was ages ago, I decided to give this month's challenge a try. My plan was to actually use my spare 1,000 bucks and see how far it could actually take me.

Fortunately, I found out that I wouldn't have to go anywhere far from my hometown, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. I decided to use my money to register myself and my wife Malou with the Panahik Adventure Trail. The 6-kilometer race, organized by Bukidnon's most popular outdoor shop, Panahik Adventure Centre, promised participants one great adventure exploring some of the less visited spots of the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park.

I registered for the event with only a few days to go before the race. Registration fee was only P250 pesos (yes, that's how affordable racing events in Malaybalay are) and it already got me a race shirt (exclusively made by 8a Performance Apparel) and a race bib which entitled me to free snacks, an entry to the post-race raffle and a discount stub for Panahik's outdoor stuff. Since the organizers already ran out of small-sized shirts, I paid only 75 pesos for Malou's registration. I still have enough change left from my 1,000 pesos so I decided to buy a Tukad outdoor shorts which was on sale for 625.

The free race shirt (photo from Panahik Adventure Centre)

Panahik Adventure Trail happened last August 5, 2012.  It started at around 6 AM in front of the Bukidnon Provincial Capitol Building. From there we went downhill towards the Provincial Tree Park. The tree park is a thickly-forested area which is only walking distance from the Capitol Grounds (that's why my hometown is often called the "City Within The Forest"). It is where I actually took PTB's Journeying James and The Pinay Solo Backpacker for a hike when they visited Malaybalay on two separate occasions.  

As I want to take photos along the way, I ran easy and let Malou go ahead. It was such a fun race where we were made to run on-and-off the road, trek the Bukatot Creek (my first time, actually), passed through an obstacle course and cross the Kalawaig Creek (another first for me) before going back to the Capitol Grounds. To give you a clearer picture of the adventure race, here are some of the photos I took:

Start of the race:

Downhill going to the Kaamulan Grounds/Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park:

The easiest part of the route

Off-road running:

The challenge begins here...

Water trekking:

Back to the muddy trail:

And into the forest:

Hard to believe, but this forest is just within Malaybalay City proper

The obstacle course:

Thanks to Arnel Quirino for this pic!

Crossing the Kalawaig Creek:

Crossing the steel footbridge:

This is actually not part of the race route. We just crossed this bridge for fun (hahaha!) Thanks to James Paulican for this pic!

And finally, the Finish Line:

Take note of the time. We're slow to the finish since we took time to enjoy the trail. (Photo by Panahik Adventure Centre)

Free breakfast at the finish: arroz caldo, pandesal, bananas and 100 Plus sports drink!

Malou placed second in the Female 30-year old above category and won a medal plus a Sandugo shirt. I didn't win anything, including during the raffle of outdoor items (darn!). But I definitely enjoyed sweating it out in the challenging trail while having fun along the way. On this particular Sunday, I realized that we don't need to go too far and spend too much to explore places and have a real good time.

 ...and the Sandugo T-Shirt became mine.Hahaha!

My expenses:
Registration Fee: 325 (250 for me and 75 for Malou)
Tukad Outdoor Shorts: 625 (optional, not required for the race)
Race Shirt, Race Bib, Discount Stub and Raffle Entry: FREE
Breakfast: FREE

Total: 950 Pesos

(Get to know more of my hometown Malaybalay from my previous post HERE.)

This is my entry to this month's Pinoy Travel Bloggers's Blog Carnival themed WHERE WOULD YOU TRAVEL GIVEN A 1,000 BUDGET hosted by Pinay Thrill Seeker. Click on the logo to read previous Blog Carnival posts.


  1. ang saya! may obstacle course.. i wanna try this too! Thanks for sharing your 1000 budget travel.. :)

  2. Ang ganda ng trail. Thanks for sharing this. ^_^

    1. ...and the best part is that it is only about 2 kilometers away from my home. : )

  3. Galing! Kalingaw! If only I live near Malaybalay. :)

    1. Suroy dri sa Malaybalay. We could go for a hike at the Provincial Tree Park so that you could also experience the trail and enjoy the view.

  4. This is certainly a different way of exploring a place! And P250? When I first joined the Adidas KOTR runs in the early 2000s, ganun din ang presyo nila. Ngayon, I can't afford it na! Why should I spend P750-1000 just to run in their race? Hay.

    1. Parang 1,000++ na yata ang 5K nila ngayon. Sobrang mahal talaga. Running in our home province is definitely more affordable plus you get to enjoy the trail and the fresh air. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Aleah! : )

  5. Nice! Hoping to join your future activities with 1,000 pesos in my pocket! Hahah!

    I'm interested to join, for info regarding same trips kindly e-mail me, please?


  6. Well that looked like a very interesting adventure. I really haven't try trail adventure, but knees are too weak to do that.

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  7. Wow ang saya naman! Hope I can do something like that soon too!


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