Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Resort With A (Breathtaking) View in Camotes

Santiago Bay Garden and Resort in Camotes Islands, Cebu holds a special spot in my heart. It is where I and my wife Malou stayed during our fifth wedding anniversary celebration last year. As a couple who loves backpacking into places we've never been before, we chose Camotes after seeing photos of its white sand beaches and clear blue waters in a travel blog. The calling of a quaint and not-so-famous island paradise was then simply too hard to resist.

After the front desk in-charge confirmed my booking, I asked Malou to fill out the registration form as I walked towards the adjacent restaurant. The resort is perched above a cliff in the town of San Francisco and right below the restaurant is the most breathtaking view I've ever seen--the wide, white sand beach of Santiago Bay.

I would have wanted to frolic on the beach right there and then but first, we have to settle our baggage in our room. I originally reserved a non-aircon standard room (Php1,000.00 good for 2 persons), but upon my wife's suggestion, we upgraded to an airconditioned Ocean View room (Php1,500.00). It was large and really spacious with a matrimonial bed, a huge closet, table and chairs, and a private bathroom with hot and cold shower. 

What followed next was a whirlwind habal-habal tour to San Francisco's enchanting destinations: Mangodlong Rock Resort, Danao Lake, Bakhaw Beach and Timubo Cave. Come night time, we chill out and ate dinner at the Baywalk before heading back to the resort. We then went swimming at the resort's pool overlooking the ocean. Since there were only a few guests during that time, we had the pool all to ourselves. 

Despite the room's weak airconditioning and thin blankets, we managed to have a good night sleep. I woke up early the next morning, went outside the room and marveled at the wonderful view of Camotes sunrise.

We went down to Santiago Bay afterwards and finally got the chance to frolic on its wide, white sand beach. I found out that there are only a few resorts along this public beach and after taking our time relaxing, savoring the fresh breeze and just plainly chilling out, we ate a hearty seafood breakfast at the nearby Pito's Sutokil

We left Camotes for Cebu City on that same day. Though our stay in the island was short, we enjoyed every minute of it. I looked forward in going back and when that day comes, I would still choose to stay in Santiago Bay Garden and Resort.

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  1. Always loved Camotes. But it remains as one of the most underdeveloped places in the country. With the Cebu provincial government fiscally sound, one wonders why tourism development, especially in Camotes, Bantayan, Malapascua and elsewhere have not experienced vital projects in infrastructure, and it's always been private resort owners picking up the slack. Guess tourism is a victim of politics too.

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  2. You're absolutely right - this resort is breathtaking! I would love to go there right now. We've been having such miserable weather in Korea lately :)

  3. Ideal for a romantic getaway! I reckon the room upgrade's an awesome move.

    1. I'm sure Luna will enjoy the wide, wide white sands here! : )

  4. Wow Camotes island is surely a paradise in Cebu, looking forward to traveling here.

  5. Nice! I will add this island to my list of travel destination.

  6. a very nice plaCe.

  7. It's more fun in the Philippines :) Love this place.Hope too see this soon..

    ---> travel Philippines

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