Monday, October 8, 2012

Bukidnon: 6 Ways To Enjoy Dahilayan Even If You're Scared of the Ziplines

Dahilayan Adventure Park is undoubtedly Bukidnon's most popular tourist destination. Located in the Municipality of Manolo Fortich, it has become synonymous to great outdoor fun and adventures in this highland province. Since its opening in 2009, the management has constantly upgraded the park's facilities and amenities, making sure there's always some thing new for its thrill-seeking visitors to enjoy. However, the fact remains that the park's main attraction has always been the 840-meter zipzone, once touted as the longest dual zipline in Asia. It has been said that you've never been to Dahilayan if you've never experienced the zipline thrill.

Not all people, though, are really into this zipline thing. Some shun it for fear of heights, some considered the price of riding it too steep while some just wanted more real life adventures like trail hiking or mountain climbing. If you're among these not-so-few who are not willing to take a zip, there are still some ways for you to enjoy Dahilayan Adventure Park.  Though I've already tried the scream-inducing zip rides during the first time I visited the park, on my second and most recent trip I discovered that there are more ways to enjoy Dahilayan beyond its not-so-cheap thrill rides.

1. Enjoy the cold weather

Situated at the foot of Mount Kitanglad, Dahilayan is about 4,700 feet above sea level. The weather is naturally cool (and often times foggy) all day and all night. So beat the city heat, escape to this highland paradise and enjoy it's natural airconditioning. Don't forget to bring your jacket!

2. Stop and smell the flowers

Flowers in full bloom can be found in almost every corner. Take a sniff, appreciate it's bright colors and have a fun photoshoot at the park's well-maintained gardens.

3. Have a picnic at the Forest Park

Adjacent to the adventure park is the Dahilayan Forest Park. Entrance is only 100 pesos for adults and 50 pesos for kids 10-years-old-and-below. Picnic tables can be rented at 200 pesos. Prices are discounted at 50% on weekdays. Bring lots of food and enjoy the warm company of your family or friends amidst the pine trees and cool weather. 

4. Feel like a kid again at the Children's Playground

Once you enter the Forest Park, the use of Children's Playground is free. The playground is not only for kids, though. So let go of your inner child and enjoy the swing, slide and mini-obstacle courses. And don't be ashamed to laugh till you drop on the green, grassy ground.

5.  Shoot it out!

The theme parks are well-developed and photography enthusiasts can always find something snap-worthy in every turn. Be it the flower gardens, the koi pond, the wooden arc bridges, the replica animals, the green pines or even people simply enjoying themselves. If you want more natural scenes, you can zoom in on the distant mountains or find some nature trail outside the park. Just make sure your camera has a fully charged battery (an extra pair could be useful) and the memory card has enough space. So ready, aim, CLICK!

6. Visit Dahilayan Gardens and Resort

If you want to a quiet place away from the crowd then Dahilayan Gardens and Resort is a must-visit. It can be reached through the road that goes left before reaching the adventure park vicinity. This mountain resort has a more natural ambiance and also has facilities for overnight stay, team building activities, wedding reception and the likes. Here, you can simply sit down on the grass, enjoy romantic moments with your beloved or have another round of  fun photoshoot unhampered by the crowd. 

Dahilayan Adventure Park, Dahilayan Forest Park and Dahilayan Gardens and Resort are located in Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. For more information, visit their official websites:



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