Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boat Trip: Balingoan to Camiguin

After a night of not so blissful sleep, we checked out of Lola Lumen and descended on its stairway leading down to the ticket booths situated just outside the pension house's ground floor. We initially planned to take our breakfast first in one of the carinderias outside Balingoan Port. But upon seeing the line of passengers in one of the booths getting longer, we decided to purchase our own tickets for the available Camiguin-bound ferry trip. 

It has been five long years since my last Camiguin journey and I was pleased to discover that there is already a terminal lounge in Balingoan Port. Passengers' baggage are inspected by security personnel before being allowed to board the ferry. In a little while we were aboard the second ferry trip for the day. Just like most inter-island ferries I boarded in the past, this one too is old, small and rusty.

A common sight in Balingoan Port are the coin divers. These are young boys who would ask passengers to drop a coin to the sea. Then they would skillfully dive, retrieve and keep the coin for themselves. Yes it is a bit risky for them and it got me thinking that it is much better to give your spare penny directly than have them dive for it.   

A man fishing on one side of the port:

Pulo Islet off the Port of Balingoan:

The boat trip from Balingoan to Camiguin took a little over one hour. Before reaching the Port of Benoni, we caught a glimpse of this strip of white beach. I found out later that it is the Kabila Beach in Guinsilban, popular for being the sanctuary of giant clams.

Then my gaze fixated on a small island visible from afar. The view of shimmering white sands which surround it made my heartbeats raced in excitement knowing that it is going be our first destination in Camiguin for the day.


  1. Wow some wonderful pictures here! I think this is one of the best islands to visit and to enjoy nature. Almost all places here are spectacular. Cant wait to go in Camiguin. Thanks for sharing your great adventure.

  2. Lol... this help a lot.. gonna take my 1st adventure way to camiguin..


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