Friday, January 25, 2013

Cebu: Afternoon Stroll in Mactan Shrine and Dinner at Fredz Sutukil

Just like the past two years, Cebu became my first travel destination for the year 2013. I flew to the Queen City of South two weeks ago with the primary purpose of running 21K in the Cebu City Marathon. It was a short, 24-hour stay but definitely full packed since aside from running, I was also able to do some sightseeing and food tripping along the way.

The CebuPac plane I boarded landed as scheduled in Mactan International Airport ten minutes before 4 PM. At the arrival gate, I was fetched by couple Rose and Mark Buenconsejo who are among the persons behind the websites and Rose is also the blogger behind where I regularly read her running tales from 5Ks to ultra-marathons. I was actually given a free registration to the Cebu City Marathon after winning in the photo contest of Rose and Mark met me not only to give me my free race kit but also to take me to a free tour and dinner afterwards. 

From the airport, we went straight to Mactan Shrine Park in Punta EngaƱo. While I've been to Cebu several times already and have set foot as far as Sibonga down south and Bantayan Island up north, I've never ever been to this famous tourist spot which is actually, only a few minutes drive from the airport. 

The first thing I noticed inside the park, aside from the students and Koreans walking around, is the tall monument topped by an obelisk-like structure. My ignorant instinct then told me that it was already the Lapu-Lapu Shrine but I would later found out it is actually a memorial tower built in honor of his arch-enemy, Ferdinand Magellan.

Across Magellan's monument is a mini-museum which houses a painting and a commemorative marker both depicting the historic Battle of Mactan. 

A few meters away is the Lapu-Lapu Shrine, a 20-meter bronze statue facing the sea. Rajah Lapu-Lapu, having led his men to victory over Magellan and his army during the first Philippine battle in April 27, 1521, is considered as the first Filipino to have repelled European invasion. The bloodshed reportedly took place on the exact spot where Lapu-Lapu's monument stood today.

After that walk back in history, we went to the nearby Fredz Sutukil Seafood Haus. There are actually a number of restos near the park, all serving fresh seafoods cooked to your preference.

While waiting for our order, Rose, Mark and I chatted about running, blogging and places. I got to know them better and discovered that just like me and my wife, they also love traveling and adventures. We got so engrossed with our chit-chats that we hardly noticed it took a little while for our order to be serve. 

But when it arrived, the Garlic and and Chilli Prawns, Calamares and Baked Shells were all gone in 60 seconds (just kidding!).  While none among us are elite runners, we three could definitely eat real FAST. Hehehe!


My Cebu City Marathon 2013 stint would not have been possible without the kindness and generosity of the following: for my 21K registration; Rose Buenconsejo of and husband Mark for fetching me at the airport, touring me to Mactan Shrine and for the yummy early dinner in Fredz Sutukil; Doel Pacana and Pablo and Haru Reyes for my second dinner in AA Barbeque; Doel and Tina Pacana for my free accommodation, breakfast, lunch and ride back to the airport; and to my wife Malou for allowing me to travel and run solo this time (hahaha!).  


  1. SUtukil.... this is one feast you should not miss when in Mactan Shrine!!!!

  2. Sutukil in Mactan Shrine is the best!

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