Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Camiguin: How To Get to Mantigue Island

1. Mantigue Island is located in the Province of Camiguin. Visit my previous post to learn How to Get to Camiguin from Cagayan de Oro City.

2. Once you reach Benoni, step out of the port and take a tricycle ride to Barangay San Roque. Tell the driver to take you to the station of boats going to Mantigue. Regular tricycle fare is around 8 to 10 pesos.

3. Register at the boat station and pay Php550.00 for the round trip boat fare. This is already good for a maximum of 6 persons. Passengers are provided with life vests for protection.

4. Travel time to Mantigue is 20 to 30 minutes. There is an entrance fee of P10.00 per person once you reach the island.

5. Picnic huts and tables are available for rent inside Mantigue Island Nature Park. There is also a small canteen serving light snacks and drinks (yes, including ice cold beer!).

6. You can also order your food in the canteen. Here's a snapshot of their menu:

7. You may also bring your own ingredients and have it cooked for a fee.

8. Mantigue is a marine sanctuary and snorkeling is one of the must-try activities once you're in the island. If you have your own equipment, snorkeling fee is only P50.00. Otherwise, they have available equipment for rent at P250.00. 

9. Take note that staying overnight is prohibited in Mantigue. Visitors need to return to mainland Camiguin by 4 PM.

10. Mantigue Island is a protected area. Please observe its rules and regulations.

Visit these links for my Mantigue Island Experience:


  1. Ive never been to camiguin! lol A must go for me this year! :) thanks for the heads up sir earl!

    1. Visit Mantigue Shugz. It's more beautiful than the White Island sand bar.

  2. Mantique is a must do when you come to Camiguin.
    I have been to Camiguin several times. It's a little gem in the Philippines. I usually stay at Pabua's Cottages in Yumbing.
    They can also organise your island tours.

  3. Wow! They already have a canteen? When we went there back in 2011, we had to bring our own food. This is great.

  4. How much is camiguin to stay there a night or week in pesos

    1. I have listed some accommodations in Camiguin here: http://www.suroypilipinas.com/2012/10/cheap-accommodations-mambajao-camiguin.html

  5. Hi! May i ask how to get to camiguin from davao city? Tanx

    1. Ride the bus from Davao to CDO City then just follow the steps in this post: http://www.suroypilipinas.com/2012/11/how-to-get-to-Camiguin-from-Cagayan-de-Oro.html


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