Tuesday, January 29, 2013

India: The Perfect Holiday Escape from Cebu

India is a land of diversity, both in landscape and culture. The beautiful places you will see will enthral you and forever remain in your memory.  There are many places to visit if you are looking for an escape from the island life of Cebu and other places in the Philippines. Whether you choose to travel to the mystical land of Goa, or do more historical or spiritual tours, you’ll find the versatility both mesmerising and delightful. Depending on the amount of time you have available, you can see the main highlights of the trip or venture out to see attractions off the beaten path. So hop on a cheap flight with Philippine Airlines and get ready to explore one of the most enchanting countries in the world!
Getting there
Getting to India from Cebu is a seven hour flight to the capital city of New Delhi. From here you are able to begin your trip, either by joining a reputable tour operator or taking a train, bus or private car on your own. However, you may find it daunting to head off on your own, so you need to research the best option for you.

Touring in the North
The most natural step from the capital city is to head to the North of India. The North is home to different ancient and medieval features of the country. The traditional lifestyle includes ancient traditional rituals and religions. The brilliant architecture and intricate sculptures are dotted around this area are unforgettable. On your trip to the north you will see: the popular Taj Mahal and the city of Agra, the Red Fort and Old and New Delhi.

Experience the South
For a quieter experience, then you should head down to the South of India. Holidays in Southern India allow you to experience a very distinct culture with tea plantations, beaches, canals and historical ruins. You’ll be able to lounge n the beaches of Goa as well as take a houseboat through the backwaters of the South, palmed fringed canals, which wind through the area, allowing you to take in the beautiful nature and abundant wildlife.

Activities for the Adventure Traveller
If you are a very active person, you’ll find that there are many adrenalin pumping activities to participate in. A tour tailor-made for such activities is available throughout the country. Aside from trekking and mountain climbing in the various mountainous areas, there are of activities to you can do like, water sports such as water skiing, paragliding and wind-surfing in Goa; elephant rides in the exotic forests and white water rafting rivers across India. 

For the Nature Lover
The natural diversity in India is what draws people in from places like Cebu and elsewhere. The virgin forests, rolling hills and distinct lakes, rivers and canals are unique and fascinating, The wildlife is including elephants, tigers and birdlife is uniquely Indian and spending a day in a tranquil park taking it all in is a fantastic way to spend part of your holiday.  On top of that, the many train lines in India make it even easier to visit various places, travelling through varying terrain and reaching places that you may have otherwise missed.

A trip to India is a perfect escape from Cebu and most certainly a memorable one.

This is a guest post from John at Navigator Travel who provide holiday insurance policies for people travelling all over the world.


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