Monday, January 7, 2013

Camiguin: Sampling Mantigue's Bounty of the Sea

It was raining on and off in Mantigue Island that day and thick clouds would often blanket the otherwise magnificent view of mainland Camiguin from a distance. After exploring the island’s perimeter in less than half hour, we found a nice spot to have some good swim. Despite the gloomy weather, Mantigue’s white sands and blue waters were just too tempting. Naturally, we gave in to the call of the beach.    

A little before noon, some fishermen docked a few meters away from where we are. We went near to check their catch for the day. Inside their bucket are fishes of different kinds and colors.

They started preparing their lunch shortly. Plucking a few from their bountiful harvest, the designated chef soon whipped out a mixed seafood soup.

It would have been nice to buy some of their catch   and have it cooked at the Mantigue Island Nature Park. But then we’ve already made our order earlier that day. Seeing the fishermen enjoying their lunch, we went back to the park as it was already noon time.

Our order was served as we settled down on the rented picnic table. Two kilos of fresh “balo” (flat needlefish) prepared in sutokil (sugba, towa, kilaw) style plus six cups of rice made up our sumptuous lunch in Mantigue that day.

After the filling lunch, we’re about to go for one last swim before sailing back to Camiguin when our friends from Malaybalay arrived on board a bigger boat. They invited us to go snorkeling with them. So we rented some gears and instructed our boat man to take us to the marine sanctuary.

It was a good decision on our part to go out and snorkel with our friends. We saw up close how rich Mantigue Island’s marine life is. Healthy corals and beautiful fishes abound and it was such a surreal sight to see. Too bad I did not have an underwater camera to capture it.

After an hour or so, we sailed back to Camiguin mainland. The rain poured hard and the waves stared to get strong. But the boat man and his assistant didn’t seem to mind the rough seas and in less than thirty minutes we arrived in dry lands safe and sound.


  1. Fishes on the second photo are so colourful! Too bad they were served for lunch. Hahaha!

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  4. These fished are so colorful and I like to put it into my fish tank.


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