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Ilocos Norte: Pagudpud North Tour Attractions

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is probably one of the most scenic places I've ever been to in the Philippines. Located in the far north of Luzon, it is blessed with several wonderful sights which are truly rewarding for those who are game enough to endure the long travel to reach this place. Sun-kissed beaches, beautiful coastlines, rock formations and an inviting waterfall are just some of Pagudpud’s natural wonders. 

Pagudpud North Tour is a popular package offered by tourist guides to Pagudpud visitors. On board a tricycle or a van, you can enjoy not just one, two or three destinations but rather you would be able to visit all of Pagudpud’s nine (yes, you read it right) popular attractions in just one day.

Paraiso ni Anton

Cascades of cold water which gush down from the mountains and flow out to the sea. Paraiso ni Anton is located beside a shaded portion of the highway. It got its name from a former DPWH secretary during the Marcos era who built a rest house nearby. Today, ruins of the rest house can be seen from the highway. There are stalls selling souvenir items across the road but according to our guide, it is much cheaper to buy at the Bangui Wind Farm in Burgos.   

Agua Grande River Park

A picnic spot where one can view the flowing fresh water as it exits to the sea. There are nipa huts shaded by coconut trees where one can hang out and enjoy the breeze. Nearby is an eco-friendly mini-hydro electric plant which was built during the Marcos years.

Patapat Viaduct

Patapat Viaduct is one of the few bridges in the Philippines which are considered as tourist attractions. Spanning a length of 1.3 kilometers and rising 30 meters high from the coastal edge of Pasaleng Bay, it is officially the  4th longest bridge of the country. Patapat Viaduct offers a really breathtaking view of mountain ranges merging with the horizon of the South China Sea and the clear, blue skies. The view is really beautiful that we did not mind the heat of the morning sun and lingered a little longer to enjoy it. And since there were only a few vehicles passing by, I managed to run a few hundred meters of this bridge.

Timmangtang Rock   

Timmangtang Rock juts out of the coast of Sitio Gaoa in Barangay Baloi, Pagudpud. Here one can view the rugged but beautiful coastal side of Pagudpud. A green hill from the distance is where part of the telenovela Walang Hanggan was filmed. Timmangtang is actually one half of the so-called Lover’s Rock

Bantay Abot Cave 

The other half of Lover’s Rock is located a few meters away from Timmangtang and is called the Bantay Abot Cave. It is not really a cave but a tunnel-like hole in a cliff. Bantay Abot is considered as the “female rock” while Timmangtang is her male counterpart. Literally, Bantay Abot means “mountain with a hole”.

The green, grassy hill seen from Bantay Abot cave is where part of the Walang Hanggan telenovela was filmed

Blue Lagoon

A stunning beach cove with white sands and sparkling blue waters. Blue Lagoon is one of the two famous beach destinations in Pagudpud. It has a long shoreline bounded by green hills on one side and is truly picturesque. There are a number of resorts and few homestays nearby for overnight accommodation. If you arrived here by noon, there are “paluto” restaurants near the beach where you can have your lunch.

Dos Hermanos Islands

Two identical rock mountains that emerged in the northern part of Blue Lagoon. According to our guide, a sandbar which connects Dos Hermanos to Blue Lagoon emerges during low tide. Otherwise, you can rent a motorized boat from the beach to take you to the islands.

Kabigan Falls

Cool, fresh water cascading 120 feet down to a natural pool where one can take an invigorating cold dip. Kabigan Falls is tucked inside a forested area of Barangay Baloi. To get here, you need to pay the entrance fee of 10 pesos plus guide fee of 100 pesos. Then you have to hike a trail of more than 1 kilometer, passing through rice fields, riverside, open and trees-shaded trail and wooden bridges. Once you reach the falls, believe me, the long hike will be worth it! 

Saud Beach

Saud is the most popular beach in Pagudpud and is nearer to the town center compared to Blue Lagoon. It has a long stretch of light golden sands and clear blue waters where one can swim, snorkel, dive and enjoy a boat ride or watersports. Coconut trees, some with trunks that curiously curved upward, dot the beach front while resorts, restaurants and homestays are just a few steps away. The Bangui Windmills can also be seen from afar.  

How to Get There:

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1. Florida buses from Manila bound for Claveria, Cagayan will pass by Pagudpud. You may also take buses bound for Laoag then from Laoag take another bus or van bound for Claveria. Travel time from Manila is about10 hours (!).  

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2. The fastest way to reach Pagudpud is to take a plane ride from Manila to Laoag City. Check the websites of Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines/PAL for their schedule. From Laoag, take a bus or van ride to Pagudpud.

3. Pagudpud North Tour costs 600 pesos for 1-3 persons in a tricycle. If you're in a bigger group you may hire a van at P2,500-3,000. I highly recommend our friendly tour guide Arnel Aguila. He knows the place very well and is also a good photographer. Depending on your preference, he can provide you with a tricycle or a van for your tour. Contact him in these numbers: 09069388308, 09186890723 and 09265880666.

With our Pagudpud Nort Tour guide Arnel Aguila

 Where to Stay and Eat:

1. There are beach resorts in Saud and Blue Lagoon. We stayed in Polaris Beach House in Saud. It has affordable room rates compared to other resorts in the area. We stayed in an airconditioned room with double bed, TV and private CR/bathroom for only 800++ pesos. And it is only about 50 meters away from the beach. Contact them at 09999958729.

2. If you're looking for a more affordable place to stay in Pagudpud, there are plenty of homestays in Saud where rates are as low as 250/person. 

3. Most resorts have their own restaurants and, of course, the food is expensive. For affordable eats, just go to the carinderia right outside the gate of Saud Beach. They serve local dishes such as pinakbet and dinakdakan.


  1. wow pgkanindot. gusto kayo ko muanha dinha! soon soon! :D mgtumbling2 gyud kos patapat viaduct haha

    1. Pwerteng nindota jud dri shugz. It's worth the long travel. :)

  2. A comprehensive post with comprehensive guide espoused with spectacular photos of worthy travel destinations.:-). Tsada earl.:-).

  3. I agree that Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is probably one of the most scenic places. Last 2011 I'd travel in this place also. A very beautiful places and a lot of beaches too.


  4. This place really has a beauty to boast. A must visit part of the country. :)

  5. wow beautiful place, I think must visit place. I appreciated it.

    skiathos island Greece

  6. Pagudpud is such a wonderful place. And going there by road is just as exciting. But be sure to carry spare tire/s! :)

  7. Kakamis talaga ang Pagudpud. 3 sa list ang hindi namin napuntahan ng bumisita kami sa Pagudpud. Isama na namin sila sa list next time.:)

  8. ahhhh. I hope I can go visit all our country's hot spots.

    I found a long checklist from:

    Mabuhay Pilipinas!

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  11. Hello travelers! I just came from my solo backpacking in the beautiful place of Pagudpud, and Im so lucky to have Kuya Levi Jim as my tour guide. You'll see how well he takes care of his tricycle and passengers. I guarantee your safety and he will not overcharge you (he even gave me huge discount).

    Ive been to different places and im not used in making efforts on posting such info, but kuya Levi deserves this. :))

    Kuya Levi - 0910-7415291
    Enjoy and Happy trip!!!

  12. Hi Mr/Ms Writer! I've gone there before once, and I really love the place, very very nice.. :) And nice article too, Good job bro!

  13. Any tips on how to go back and forth from Laoag to Pagudpud via bus?

    1. There are plenty of buses and vans going from Laoag to Pagudpud. From Laoag City proper, just ride a tricycle in going to the bus or van terminal.

    2. Thank you, how about going back to Laoag. Is there limited time for public transportation let's say 5pm onwards?


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