Monday, March 11, 2013

Claveria, Cagayan: The Rugged Charm of Sentinela Beach

One thing that always thrills me when traveling is the discovery of lesser known places. I am always motivated by the excitement brought about by going to a particular spot for the first time, walking on unpaved trails and seeing beautiful sights not too many eyes laid upon. Such was the case when we visited a cove named Sentinela Beach in the northern town of Claveria, Cagayan Province.

From Claveria town proper, we passed by the public market and found the terminal of jeepneys bound for  next town Sanchez Mira. The jeepney leaves every 30 minutes and fortunately, there were only 12 minutes left before departure when we got there. We hopped in the front seat and told the driver that we're going to Sentinela Beach in Brngy. Camalaggoan/D. LeaƱo. Fare is only 12 pesos and in less than 10 minutes, we were dropped off at the entrance road going to the beach.

The road was asphalt paved for only about 200 meters passing by some residential dwellings then it was dirt road all the way to the beach. Distance from the highway is less than one kilometer and since both Malou and I are into running, the walk was relatively easy.

It was a pleasure to discover a beach like Sentinela. Except for a few goats munching on the grass, there were no other living things in sight.  There are no resorts here and only a makeshift hut sheltered us from the afternoon sun. We were in awe watching the wild, wild waves battered the rocks on and off the shore. 

The fine, off-white sands are flanked by rock formations on both ends. To our left is the rock named Ubing-Ubing, whom according to legend turned to rock along with his parents Lakay-Lakay and Baket-Baket due to their greediness. Lakay-Lakay and Baket-Baket can be found jutting out of the waters of Taggat Lagoon located in Claveria's far west side. 

To the right is a hill called Bantay Kalbo and a cliff where an abandoned telecommunications tower stood. It would have been nice to climb the hill as I am sure the view of the beach is more awesome up there. But then the intense heat of the afternoon sun was too much to bear so we have to ditch the plan. Instead, we walked towards the right end of the beach, climbed on the rocks and discovered a small but beautiful cove on the other side.

The view of the beach from this side is really breathtaking. We stayed a little longer and simply gazed on the powerful waves crashing down the shore. 

I am very much grateful that we went all the way to this place. Its location may be (very) far and away but its rugged beauty more than made up for the long travel we took. Indeed, nature has its own way of rewarding those who dared to take off-the-beaten paths.

Location Map:

Location map of Claveria, Cagayan

Location map of Sentinela Beach

How to Get There:

1. From Claveria town proper, go to the public market and look for the terminal of jeepneys bound for Sanchez Mira. Jeepneys leave every 30 minutes.

2. Tell the driver to drop you at the entrance of Sentinela Beach in Brngy. Camalaggoan. Travel time is less than 10 minutes and fare is only 12 pesos.

3. From the highway of Camalaggoan, distance to the beach is less than one kilometer. There is an established road that will lead you all the way to the beach.

4. Bring some food and drinks as there are no stores anywhere near the beach.

5. Once you had your beach fill, just make your way back to the highway and wait for passing tricycle or jeepney going to Claveria town proper.

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  1. beautiful Claveria! hope to exlore more of Cagayan soon!

  2. Wow, the pictures looked so attractive and I’ll do anything to go to a place like that.

  3. Ive been in Claveria for almost 3 times because Im from Ilocos Norte but I never visited their beaches. but these pictures look so beautiful. | Tagalog Love Quotes

  4. Awesome pictures you got there and I'll look forward to go in that place. If you have some time you can read blogs about the beautiful places and events here in the Philippines. Here's the link

  5. I had plans of going to cagayan specially to Callao cave and with your drastic discovery took by the eyes of your lenses there is so much to love about cagayan and get me really excited. Thanks sir for making your blog .. totally awesome.. :-)

  6. We've been there with my friends way back 1996 or 97. It really is a nice place. We climbed to the top of the mountain and reached that old communication tower. Indeed it is a very breath taking beauty of the blue pristine water. Waves slapping the rocks. And the breeze that cools you off. It is a very good memories with my friends.

  7. nice one Earl! :) Thank you so much for this post. I hope you enjoyed even if i think it was high tide. :) nice photos.

    1. We were really amazed with the sight of the huge waves battering the rocks. Wala kasing dagat sa Bukidnon kaya napapa-WOW talaga kami. :)

  8. You gave justice to Sentinela Earl! I miss the place so much :)

    1. Thanks Edmar. What I love so much about this place, aside from its breathtaking beauty, is parang "secret beach" talaga sya. Walang tao, walang resort. You can really have the beach all to yourself.

  9. Thanks to your blog. I feel like I have been there, too. But I hope to visit this place next time, it's near Bukidnon so no reason not to visit this place.

  10. ang claveria na aking mahal kng saan ako lumaki pero di ko pa to napupuntahan promise... taggat palang napuntahan ko... isa akong dayuhan sa sarili kong bayan.


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