Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beaches of Summer: Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

The beautiful cove named Maira-ira Beach lies in Maira-ira Point, the northern tip of Pagudpud. This beach is more popularly known as Blue Lagoon and is one of the many attractions that the Province of Ilocos Norte has to offer. It has a long stretch of white sands kissed by clear, turquoise blue water. It  is one of the destinations usually included in the North Tour Package offered in Pagudpud.

From Bantay Abot Cave, we went straight to Blue Lagoon shortly before noon. But before descending down to the beach, the tricycle made a stop at an overlooking spot where we viewed the stunning beauty of the beach.

On that overlooking point is a newly installed zip line which goes directly to the beach. I am not really into this zip line craze but I understood that it is one of the main tourist draws the Philippines nowadays. 

The midday sun was harsh when we arrived at the beach. The intense heat, however, did not prevent us from  getting a feel of the beach vibe. From where we stood, I observed that one side of Blue Lagoon, where most of the huts and cottages are built, is a bit crowded. 

The other side which is bounded by the rolling hills, however, is still quiet and serene.    

There are a number of hotels and resorts within Blue Lagoon beach. A more affordable option when staying overnight here would be the nearby homestays. There are also "paluto" eateries where you can choose among the fresh seafood displayed and have it cooked to your preference. 

Since it was already lunch time, we went inside Mekeni Palutuan and ordered grilled squid, fish sinigang and lots of rice. It was a filling meal which fueled us before heading off to our next destination.

How To Get There

1. From Pagudpud town proper, you can hire a tricycle which will take you straight to Blue Lagoon. Distance from the town proper to Blue Lagoon is about 18 kilometers.  

2. You may also avail of the Pagudpud North Tour package offered by tricycle drivers in Pagudpud. For 300 pesos (good for 2 persons), you can visit Pagudpud's various tourist destinations including the Blue Lagoon. Read this POST for more details.  

Where to Stay

These are some of the hotels and resorts near Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud. Expect the room rates to go up during peak season. Visit their websites for more details:

Kapuluan Vista Resort
Punta Azul Beach Resort
Agua Seda Beach Resort
Hanna's Beach Resort 

If you're searching for cheap accommodations in Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud, ask your tricycle driver to take you to a homestay nearest to the beach.

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  1. great shots... and the waters and sand of Mairaira beach are one of the best in this part of town. I love Pagudpud!

  2. Stunning beach from Pagudpod. The zipline is unique, I feel like I can jump that high into the water. This place is incredible. I can feel that the weather in Northern part in the Philippines is so hot,, so always bring your sunblock to avoid any sunburn. Total experience and fun are guaranteed in this place. Just amazing.

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