Friday, May 24, 2013

Essential Travel Gears Available Online

Gone are the days when shopping for your needs means having to go the mall, scouring shops and stalls for the items you’re looking for and lining up to pay in the cashier. These days, shopping is as easy sitting in your own comfy chair, clicking your PC’s mouse or swiping your tablet’s touch screen. Online shopping is fast gaining popularity in the Philippines due to the convenience it offers to the consumers and the excitement of finding great products and deals not usually available in brick-and-mortar stores.

However, not a few shoppers are still skeptical about online shopping.  Issues such as trustworthiness of the seller and security of credit card used for payment often make people hesitant in trying out the advantages of online shopping. Fortunately, there are trusted websites here in the Philippines where shopping is always safe and secure. Among these online shopping sites, I highly recommend the one I personally have experience dealing with:

While Lazada is best known for consumer electronics, mobile phones and laptops, they also have a great selection of travel gears for all backpackers out there. One of my most recent purchases in Lazada is the Deuter Light 8L Drypack.

The Deuter Drypack waterproofs my travel essentials during outdoor explorations. My first time to use it was when we went to Camiguin’s Mantigue Island late last year. Though it rained most of the time when we’re in the island, we had a great time hanging out at the beach since our clothing and gadgets are all safe and dry inside the drypack. Since then, I have been taking it to along with me in most of my travels. It is very light yet durable and folds small when not in use so I can easily slip it inside my backpack.

There are plenty of essential travel gears currently available in Lazada. These include affordable backpacks, camping accessories, DSLR cameras and lenses and other outdoor stuff.  Personally, I am planning to order a new external hard drive to store my collection of travel photos. 

So the next time you need to buy something for your upcoming travel, shop safely in the comfort of your home through Lazada. It is the fastest growing online shopping site in the country which offers secure internet shopping on a wide selection of products including essential travel gears. Best of all, they offer Free Delivery nationwide (for items worth 1,000 pesos and above) and Free Returns Policy.

Check out this new Lazada TVC:  

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  1. Yes, Lazada does pretty well for onliine shopping..

  2. Agree! Lazada philippines is a trustworthy online shopping and you are safe and secure with lazada.

  3. Ah! you missed out the GPS navigation system.

  4. for me, there are times that I check tripologie for my travel accessories need

    1. tripologie is a nice store, i always find my travel need in that store

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