Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ilocos Norte: Beautiful Sunset in Saud

Tired from the whole day of touring the famous tourist attractions in Pagudpud, Malou and I chilled out by frolicking in the blue waters of Saud Beach. We took advantage of the strong waves and enjoyed body surfing in the uncrowded portion of beach. As the dusk was about to set in, we rested on a driftwood lying on the sands and gazed at the sun slowly setting down in the horizon.

It was a beautiful sunset we witnessed in Saud. We were mesmerized by the view of the setting sun as it painted the northern skies with fiery bright colors.

As it was getting late, the few tourists who were in Saud that day slowly walk back to their respective resorts.

After enjoying the wonderful view, we went back to our accommodation. While walking on the soft and fine sands, I took one last look at the remaining light.

The erstwhile fiery colors toned down as darkness fell. That seemingly magical moment ended another day in Saud. 


  1. Ang ganda dyan. Sana makapunta rin ako s Ilocos balang araw. Such an intriguing place; home of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos. :-)

  2. Wow nice sun set scenarios. I like these images very much.

  3. WOW! As always, awesome shots Earl! :)

  4. No words to describe in their beauty. I like 6th image very much. Actually great capturing.

  5. Thanks for appreciating the pics Soul Explorer, Bonz, Nonoy, Manong Unyol, Crystal, Pinoy Adventurista and The Private Detective. Medyo tinamad mag-sulat kaya puro photos na lang. :)

  6. Wow nice capturing. I love these images very much.

  7. Wow what a nice image collection. Actually brilliant friend. I also watch the sunset in live. If got free time I go to beach in the evening.

  8. What a beautiful sunset! I love to be at the beach at this time of the day. :)


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