Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ilocos Norte: Sampling Pagudpud's Empanada

A Spanish-influenced pastry, empanada is a popular snack all throughout the Ilocos Region. Its name came from the word empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread. Ilocos Empanada is usually made of deep-fried rice flour crust filled with monggo, shredded unripe papaya, Ilocano longanisa (native skinless sausage) and one whole egg.

After a whole day of visiting Pagudpud's North Tour attractions, we went to the town proper to buy some personal necessities. Before heading out to the resort where we booked our accommodation, Arnel, our tricycle driver and guide asked if we want to have a snack first. With my tummy grumbling after the grueling tour, I instantly agreed.

Arnel then took us to Angela's Empanada, a roadside empanadahan situated beside the town plaza, right across the Public Market building and walking distance from the Municipal Hall.

Since the afternoon sun was shining directly on the empanadahan, the owner suggested that we just sit on a shaded portion outside the Public Market. He then carried three plastic chairs and a table across the road. 

After a few minutes of waiting, three freshly cooked empanadas, priced at 45 pesos per piece, were served. Gotten used to the bite-sized versions usually sold in my hometown, it was a surprise to see the extra large size of Ilocos Empanada. It has a crispy crust colored orange by using "achuete" and filled with veggies, a generous serving of longanisa and one whole egg.

Arnel told us that the best way to eat this empanda is to put a few drops of Sukang Iloko. Indeed, the sugarcane vinegar perfectly complimented the empanda, bringing out its garlicky flavor in every crunchy bite.

With its extra large size, we certainly had our fill with Pagudpud's empanada. It is really one satisfying and   must-try treat in this side of Ilocos Norte. 


  1. wow sarap ng empanada special na may longganisa at isawsaw sa may suka ng ilocos na may sili.. craving

    1. Sobrang sarap! Nagugutom ako habang sinusulat ang post na 'to. Hehe!

  2. Based sa article nakakatakam siya .. Must try

  3. I think this food can add different experiences. Anyway look delicious.

  4. I never eat like this food. Because like to try that.

  5. I love Italian and Spanish food. would love to try these dishes too.


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