Friday, July 12, 2013

Ilocos Norte: Running in Bangui Windmills

I started to engage in running about three years ago. Since then, I have joined several races with distances ranging from 3K up to 42K. Aside from joining races, I also love to run around the places I’ve traveled to. As they said, the best way to know more about a place is to explore it on foot. Because of this I was able to intertwine my passions in running and traveling together.

Lately some of my friends are inviting me to try biking too as it is a good cross-training to compliment my running regimen. Well, I don’t own a bike yet but I am not closing the possibility of making it another sport of mine. I love the fact that I could also explore more places by pushing the pedal. Then probably, I could make a goal of running and biking around the Philippines. Or maybe even round the world by bike. Hahaha!

Talking about goals, I have my own bucket list of “Dream Run Destinations”. These are places all over the Philippines which I dreamed to explore through running. And of this year, one place just got cross off the list: Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte.

More popularly known as Bangui Windmills, this wind farm is comprised of 20 wind turbines lined up in a 9-kilometer stretch along the beach. A  clean and renewable source of energy, this scenic destination is also one of the most popular tourist spots in Ilocos Norte.

After an overnight stay in Pagudpud, a tricycle ride took us straight to Bangui Windmills. The beautiful sight of white-painted giant steel turbines set against a backdrop of clear blue skies and sea greeted us upon arrival.

It was a good thing we came here on a week day as there aren’t too many tourists around. According to the tricycle driver who also acted as our guide, the place could get really crowded during weekends. Aside for its picturesque view which drew the usual tourists, Bangui Wind Farm is also frequented by school field trips for educational purposes.

After taking a few photos all around, I wasted no time in making my dream run come true. I handed my camera to our guide and asked him to take photos of me while I run. And off I went for a sprint.

The compact sands made my running easier. With my Vivo Barefoot shoes on, I could feel the ground in every step I make. It was simply surreal running underneath the giant wind turbines with the sea breeze blowing in my face.

I would have wanted to run the whole 9-kilometer stretch but then the heat of the mid-morning sun was too much to bear. I have to stop half way and rest. Fortunately, there are stalls selling souvenirs and refreshments on the side. A bottle of ice-cold soft drink quenched away my thirst.Though I wasn’t able to run the whole stretch, it felt really great to have made this dream run destination come true.  


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