Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fried Chicken to Die For in Carmen, Bohol

It's hard to think one would travel far just to eat fried chicken. The dish is so popular and can be found anywhere, from restaurants and fastfood chains to sidewalk food stalls. It has become too predictable that it's taste hardly tickles one's craving anymore.

Yet, there is one unpretentious food stop in Carmen, Bohol which serves fried chicken so unlike any other. Tanie's Restaurant looks more of a typical roadside carinderia. It's hard to miss this 2-storey, brightly painted house located right across a government hospital about 3-kilometers from the Chocolate Hills Complex. The ground floor, utilized as kitchen and dining area, is simply furnished with wooden tables draped in plastic cover and white monoblock chairs.  Food is displayed in a wooden counter and from the choices, Tanie's Native Fried Chicken stood out of the rest.

Inside the glass-covered display is a tray filled with dressed native chicken soaked in Tanie's secret marinade. We chose one which we deemed enough for our group of five. It was then taken from the tray and brought into the kitchen for deep frying.

Aside from the chicken, we also ordered two platters of rice and two servings each of pansit bihon and pinakbet and a liter of Coke. In about 15 minutes, our order was served. It was an island feast good enough for five hungry stomachs which just came down from doing some un-touristy stuff in Chocolate Hills.

Our lunch good for 5  persons for only P450.00!

The native fried Chicken was an instant hit. Its juicy meat is so tender and flavorful while the skin has the right crisp. Dipped in Tanie's special home-made coconut vinegar, the zest more than just tickled our taste buds. Aside from the marinade and deep-frying technique, it was the vinegar which gave the chicken an out-of-this world flavor. All five of us agreed, it was simply the best fried chicken we've ever tasted!

So the next time you visit Chocolate Hills, don't just settle for the restaurant inside the complex. Travel a little farther to Carmen town proper and try Tanie's Native Fried Chicken. I'm sure it will be more than worth the extra miles.


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  2. Hi my number is 09189853799 in case you are free to join me trekking within the next three days. I think tomorrow I will go to CEDAR... Thanks to your blog posts!!!! My blog is at

  3. Oh my, sounds yums! I'd love to have a taste and maybe try to recreate it with sukang Iloko. It really sounds like a great idea. Now I wonder when I'd be able to revisit Bohol...

    1. Sobrang sarap talaga Gaye! Don't miss this once you're in Bohol. :)

  4. nagutom ako bigla sa post na to napaka juicy naman ng chicken :)

  5. Hala sayang just read this post. We were in Bohol this summer kaso lang ang City tour has a pre-planned itinerary. Hopefully there's such thing as personalized itinerary ang City tour coz there's just some more worth visiting in Bohol and also for other options. Coz' once you are done with the City tour, chances are so slim for repeat customers. Tapos na ma-upload ang picture with a tarsier sa Facebook last year e, what's the point. Just my POV.

  6. We Filipinos really loves chicken. A proof to that is the "adobong manok", probably, one of the most famous Filipino delicacy of all time. We know how to cook it, we know how to cook it well.


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