Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Happy Memories of Bohol

The recent earthquake which devastated the whole Province of Bohol personally affected me as I hailed from that place. My mother is from Maribojoc while my father traces his roots in Corella. I was born in Tagbilaran and studied Grade 1 in Maribojoc before we settled for good in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

I feel sad every time I watch the news nowadays. People (including my relatives) sleep in makeshift tents because either their homes are already destroyed or they fear of another strong shakedown due to the continuing aftershocks. Needless to say, Boholanos lives are forever changed by the calamity. 

I want to remember Bohol for the happy memories it gave me especially during the early part of my childhood years. I could still remember playing marbles and rubberbands with my cousins, going out fishing in the "pantalan" (wharf) and having my late grandfather cook our catch and those weekend picnics in the Punta Cruz Watch Tower.

Aside from the old church, Maribojoc also have some beautiful ancestral houses. These include the house we stayed which is owned by my grandparents. During those years though, I have not yet realized the significance of these structures. Maybe it was because of my age or probably I just got used to seeing these edifice on a regular basis.

Though the memories are sketchy, I could still recall the beautiful artworks painted in the ceiling of Maribojoc Church as well as its grand altar. I would pass by the church everyday as the elementary school where I studied Grade 1 is only about a hundred meters away. I also remember the old concrete stairway at the back of the church which offered a beautiful overlooking view of the "pantalan" down below.

When we moved back to Malaybalay, the yearly summer vacation to Maribojoc was always anticipated. Those vacations would come far and few later but it was always a joyful reunion whenever we have one. I also learned to appreciate Bohol more as I grow up. I would then learn that its attractions are not only national treasures but are also world-renowned.

It would have been nice if I could post some old photos taken during my younger years in Bohol. But since I don't have digital copies of those mementos, I will just the share most recent ones I have.

 Chocolate Hills:

With my officemates during our outing (October 2005)

With Malou and our couple friends Blessie and James (August 2013)

With college classmate Choi Yan (August 2013)

Loboc Church

St. Peter Church in Loboc (August 2013) 

Sagbayan Peak

With my officemates in Sagbayan Peak (October 2005)

Baclayon Church

Immaculada Concepcion Church in Baclayon (August 2013)

Punta Cruz Watchtower, Mariboojoc, Bohol

Built by the Spaniards in 1796 as a lookout post against pirates and Muslim marauders. Photo taken last August 2013.

St. Vincent Ferrer/Holy Cross Church in Maribojoc, Bohol

I was baptized in this church. It has a beautiful altar and its ceiling are painted with religious artworks. Photo taken in May 2005
Echavez Ancestral House in Maribojoc, Bohol

This is our ancestral home in Poblacion, Maribojoc, Bohol. This house was built in the early 1900s.  I spent early part of my childhood years in this house. Thankfully, it was only partially damaged and is still standing after the earthquake.

During my childhood years, I woke up everyday to this view of the Public Market and the church's belfry seen from the second floor window.

With my relatives during our most recent visit to Mariboc (August 2013).

Despite the tragedy, I firmly believe that Bohol will rise again soon. Though lives were lost and the old churches and other heritage structures are already gone, the people will always have their faith to hold on to. Boholanos are known to be deeply religious and it is through their faith to the Almighty that they will rebuild their lives.  

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  1. nalulungkot ako sa pangyayari, sana nabisita ko din ang mga lumang straktura ng BOHOL tulad ng mga simbahan... makakabangon ulit ang TOURISMO ng Bohol.. trip ko yung river cruise ang saya siguro nun.

  2. nakakalungkot, until now naiiyak pa din ako, dun ako pinanganak at lumaki, until now diko pa na libot ng todo ang bohol bago ito masira.

    akala ko isa to sa ipopost ko sa blog na lugar pero di pala lahat.

    sana maaus to

  3. Nakakalungkot talaga. Sana mabilis ang pagbangon ng buong probinsya. :(


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