Thursday, November 7, 2013

Capiz Travel Guide: 5 Things to Do in Roxas City

Roxas City is the capital of Capiz, the most recent province this blogger has visited. Roxas is best known as the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines" because of its abundant marine life. Aside from this, it is also known to be an environment-friendly city as it has been dubbed as the Cleanest and Greenest Component City in Western Visayas and also declared by the Department of Health (DOH) as "100 percent tobacco-free".

Roaming around Roxas City is pretty easy even for first-time travelers. There are plenty of tricycles that can take you in and out the city proper and many attractions are not that far from each other. Enumerated below are some of the things you can do and discover even for just a short stay in Roxas City.

1. Take a morning walk along Baybay Beach

Located just three kilometers away from the city proper, Baybay Beach has a 7-kilometer stretch of fine black sands. This is where most local folks swim, snorkel or kayak. Baybay is a public beach so it will cost you nothing to simply hang out or swim to your heart's content. To get there, simply take a tricycle ride from the city proper.

2. Soak up some history at the City Plaza 

Roxas City Plaza is the city center with landmarks situated at walking distance to each other. Get a good exercise by walking to these notable and historic edifice: Roxas City Hall, Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral, Capiz Provincial Capitol, Old Spanish Bridge, Bandstand, Ang Panubli-on (Roxas City Museum) and the Ancestral House of the Late Pres. Manuel Roxas. The Roxas City Fountain also adds a postcard touch to the plaza ambiance. 

3. Take a side trip to Pan-ay and visit the beautiful Sta. Monica Church

Take a 15-minute tricycle, jeepney or van ride to next town Pan-ay and visit the beautiful Sta. Monica Church. Originally built in 1774, it is one of the oldest church in the country. Perched on its 5-story belfry is the gigantic bell called "Dakong Lingganay", officially the biggest church bell in the Philippines.

4. Shop for pasalubong

When in Roxas City, dried fish are your best bet for take-home goodies. And you can buy various kinds of dried fish at Banica Dried Fish Section. Some products are already packed in plastic making it a convenient pasalubong to carry. Banica Dried Fish Section can be reach by a tricycle ride from the city center.

5. Hang out and dine at the People's Park

After a whole day of touring, relax and watch the splendid Capiz sunset at the People's Park. Located adjacent to Baybay Beach, the breezy park is where plenty of local folks hang out and unwind  from late afternoon to evening.

And to complete your Roxas City experience, dine at the nearby Seafood Court. Choose from the freshest seafood--crabs, shrimps, fish, talaba (oyster), diwal (shellfish also known as angel wings)--and have it cooked to your preference. Those allergic  to seafood need not worry as pork and chicken barbeque are also available.

Special thanks to Mr. Albert Lozada for being our tour guide during our stay in Roxas City. Damo gid salamat! 


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