Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Travel the Right Way: 3 Experiences You Can Only Have on a Cruise Ship

Everyone loves to travel, and for some of us, we can honestly say that we have travelled to the many corners of the world and experienced some of the most magnificent sights that there are to behold. If you have never been on a cruise then there are probably some things in life that you are yet to experience. A cruise trip brings together a number of different experiences all included in the one price so its well worth getting organised and getting a cruise booked so you too can enjoy a walk on the cruise side of life. Here are 3 experiences that you can only have on a cruise ship as it meanders its way across the ocean.

360 Degree Ocean Views

Ocean views are always delightful when viewed from the shore, or from a few stories up in our hotel by the sea. But the opportunity to have 360 degree ocean views is one that only happens when you are aboard a cruise ship. The same can be said for sunsets over the ocean, which are breathtakingly beautiful when viewed from the shoreline. When viewing a sunset or a moon rise from aboard a cruise ship you are able to see it from a different perspective. It is almost as if you are a part of the sun when its twinkly rays surround you as you bob along on the deck of a cruise boat.

Complimentary Entertainment

If there is one thing that cruise ships do really well, its entertainment. They make it their business to ensure that everyone in the family is entertained in ways that suit their personal needs – day in and day out. Not only are there entertainment ideas for everyone, but generally it is all included in the same price. So if you are a family with children of different ages, you don’t need to worry about spending extra money to ensure that there are activities for all the children, they come as a part of the package. This doesn’t happen anywhere except on a cruise ship! Usually if you are staying in a hotel on the land then there are certainly activities but often you will need to pay extra for the children to take part in them. On a cruise – it’s all just a part of the service that they provide.

Shore Excursions

Where else can you be wined and dined every day, day and night, and wake up to distant shores just waiting to be explored. On a cruise, the shore excursions take the fuss out of organising explorations to distant lands, as the islands come to you when travelling this way. For many people the ease with which they can experience their holiday while on a cruise is a big part of why cruises are the way to go with having experiences that they couldn’t have anywhere else!

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